Reissue 225 or 226? Getting one this weekend ;)

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Which Reissue size to get?

  1. 225

    31 vote(s)
  2. 226

    67 vote(s)
  1. I have the 225 I have to take my wallet out and replace with a card case to fit my sunnies.

    I also have an old medium Boy, a mini, and a classic clutch with strap.

    I love all the compartments in the Reissue and the double flap. I never tried on a 226. I will say the 225 is my favorite bag.
  2. I tried both and ended up with 225 but I am quite short 5’3”. The size suits me, 226 looks big on me. Good luck in deciding your purchase

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  3. I tried on both as well and ended up getting the 226. I like the extra bit of room and love bigger bags. Good kick on your decision. The 2.55 really is a beautiful piece.
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  4. I personally prefer 225 but if you already have 224 the 226 would make more sense. 226 would not work for me since it gets heavy and the chain bothers me, digging into my shoulder. This would be something you might consider. Good luck!! Excited for you
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  5. The 255 looks a bit better but I am getting the 226 soon, only because I have mostly mini Chanels and need something more roomy.
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  6. The 225 works perfectly for my petite frame and can carry all of my essentials (card holder, glasses, keys, lipstick, and a creme blush). However, with your height you will look amazing on either one. If you carry a lot, go for the 226
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  7. Thank you so much for all your input, ladies! Really so helpful in making my decision! And here’s the big reveal...

    I went with the 226 and I’m completely in love!! ❤️

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  8. That is just PEFECTION. Perfect size, perfect HW choice, perfect distressing. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Enjoy you new beauty!
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  9. Congrats!!! Nothing like a reissue to boost the mood. Beauty :heart:
  10. Fantastic bag
  11. Congratulations! You're going to love using this bag.
  12. Lol that would be the dream!! ❤️
  13. Depends on your build. I have the 226 and am stocky, large busted, and cannot wear it cross body. But i’ve seen pix of small gals who are able to wear it that way.
  14. Bag twinsies!!
  15. +1 Bag twins! Congratulations @jsonmamarn on your new Reissue, it’s gorgeous! I love mine, it’s one of my most frequently carried bags. :heart: