Reissue 225 or 226? Getting one this weekend ;)

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Which Reissue size to get?

  1. 225

    31 vote(s)
  2. 226

    66 vote(s)
  1. #1 Aug 20, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
    I need your advice!

    I have a chance to purchase my dream Chanel bag this weekend--a Reissue! Except: I can't seem to make up my mind if I should get a 225 or a 226. Looking to see if anyone can share how they chose which size to pick. For reference, I am 5'6". Thank you so much!!

    ***ETA: I already own a 224 and love it so much, so I'm looking to add a different size to my Reissue collection. I also own the Boy bag in old medium size :heart:
  2. I’m 5’5” and I have the 226 it’s the perfect size especially if you have a 224. I was all set to buy a classic flap in the M/L and when I tried it I felt it was too small. The SA suggested Reissue 226 it was bigger and it fit my frame better also I can wear it crossbody too which helps.
  3. I have both the 225 and 226, I find my 226 to be the most practical since it holds quite a bit more. At 5'11 I can cross body them both and think they both look lovely, though I do think the 225 looks a bit more elegant on me. Since you already have the 224 I would go for the 226.
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  4. My reissue (226, black, ruthenium) is my all time favourite bag. It is a little bit bigger than the m/l which makes it perfect for everyday but you can also dress it up. If I could only have one bag, it would be the 226! It looks great crossbody, double strap and single strap. It is an amazing bag. Congrats on your future purchase. Keep us updated.
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  5. Do you mind sharing a photo of you wearing it crossbody? I’m seeing mixed reviews on how it looks, some say it’s too short to do that
  6. 226 is my fave chanel bag. i’m 5’10 and use it crossbody and it holds everything i need.

    considering you have a 224, i would go for 226.
  7. I bought the 225 and then exchanged for the 226. And I regret it.

    Very personal preference but I found the 226 sat too low on me (I'm 5'5'') and didn't have the elegance of the 225 and i just couldnt bring myself to love it.
  8. I have both the 225 and 226 and both are fabulous. I slightly prefer the 225 crossbody vs. the 226 (I am 5'3") just due to the size difference. Since you already have a 224 (and an old medium boy, which holds about the same amount as the 225), my guess is the 226 would be a better for you unless you don't carry much and don't need the extra space the 226 offers. GL!
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  9. Depends on how you want to carry your Reissue. If you like crossbody bags, 225 is better I think. But for everything else, I would go for the 226.
  10. I had originally bought the 225 but exchanged it for the 226. I find the 225 too small to carry my every day essentials. The 226 is great to wear crossbody and on the shoulder with the strap shortened by tying the chain strap. I love the 226 so much, I have two but in different leather.

    ETA: for reference, I am 5'4,
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  11. I say 226. If you didn't have the 224, it would have been a harder choice. But you already have a mini size and a smallish size with the old medium boy. I think it would be great to have something that accommodates a bit more. Plus it definitely still works cross body. Hopefully you can see both, try them on so you can make your decision.
  12. I have the 227 and wish I got the 226. Perfect for day and night.
  13. I think the 226 is a great bag that works in a variety of situations.
  14. I’m 5’4 too and just bought 226 three weeks ago; I love this size for capacity and fit on the shoulder and crossbody!
  15. Get both.
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