Reissue 224 vs mini rectangular ?

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  1. Hello ladies! Reaching out for some advice from fellow Chanel addicts . I recently purchased a preloaded mini rectangular (caviar, 4 grommets, navy blue and shw ) and of course I got the mini bug and want one more.. I really like reissues as well (have one 227) and would like to hear from those of you who have a 224 and/or a mini rectangular, what are the pros and cons in your view? I think the size of the rectangular is ok for my daily needs but wouldn’t like anything smaller than that, worry a bit that the flap on the 224 might make the bag feel more narrow? Any input would be highly appreciated, thank you!
  2. Someone posted here who has the mini & the 224 what fits inside... the mini fit more cause of the extra flap!!
  3. I mean cause has not the extra flap lol:biggrin:
  4. I have both and the 224 definitely fits less that the rectangular mini, a lot of it due to the inner flap of the 224. Have you seen the new mini reissues for this season? They are comparable to the rectangular mini and are single flap
  5. Thank you
  6. Hi! I have had a hopeful look at the 19s reissues , however the golden hardware is not my style (the bags themselves are gorgeous ). Thank you for your input, very appreciated and I do believe I am leaning more towards a rectangular. Have a great day!
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