Reissue 224 or Mini?

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  1. Hi all. If you have a chance to buy either 2005 Anniversary reissue 224 in light gray calf skin leather SHW or 4 year old black Square Mini caviar with GHW, both preloved but in mint condition and about the same price, which would you choose?

    I already have the following:
    1. 11P Red Caviar Jumbo SHW,
    2. Black 227 reissue in calf skin leather GHW,
    3. Black Caviar ML SHW,
    4. Black Caviar GST SHW.

    I have a 2 year old toddler and planning for a second this year, hence the need for a small crossbody bag to free up my hands. Thanks TPFers!
  2. I would choose the grey, as it's an all season color and it's really a beautiful bag. The black mini is a repeat of what you have in your collection (4 blacks), but it would be slightly easier getting into as there's no second flap. Just don't snap the flap so it's not that hard to get into. So I have to stick with recommending the grey 224.
  3. 224!!! For sure!!! I love that grey color!!
  4. reissue! the 224 fits a touch more than the mini too
  5. Reissue 224!
  6. 224 reissue grey for color diversity.
  7. Reissue 224!
  8. 224 for sure!
  9. Reissue 224!
  10. Wow! Reissue is winning hands down. Why? Mind sharing reason? Is it because of huge price savings compared to Mini?
  11. I love the reissue chain, a modern classic!
  12. That light gray color is out of this world and the 2005 anniversary bag is a special edition and no longer available. Black square mini is hard to find but still being made. 224 is a "proper" handbag-a baby version of all the larger sizes-it's a little larger than the mini, much more complicated in construction with all those compartments that will be extra handy. The huge price savings is of course a big plus too. (Not trying to poop on the mini because I love minis too-waiting for my fuchsia lamb-but in this case, to me 224 is a clear winner.)
  13. 224!!!
  14. There is a small yellow like stain at the grommets. Any idea why? Is it caused by rust? Most importantly, do you know if it can be removed?


  15. 2005 Anniversary reissue 224 - HANDS DOWN WINNER!