Reissue 2.55 Turquoise Satin Croc (Thank You Isabel) *Pics*

  1. Hey everyone,

    Just wanna share my joy with ya all, I will be receiving this lovely bag for my gf as Valentine's gift. I've been searching for it all over Europe but unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. Luckily for me, I have found this forum and posted for advise. Big thank you to Miss Isabel (missisa07) for her kind help to have contacted her SA, Judy Chin @ Chanel Ala Moana, Hawaii to handle my case. I spoke to a few person on the phone and they are all fantastic. I received excellent customer service despite living far apart in London and I would like to recommend everyone to shop there. I still cant believe that i have finally found the bag :yahoo: . The pictures below are sent to me by her SA.

    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg
  2. you are a splendid boyfriend!!!! your gf is going to LOVE her gorgeous new purse but I'm sure she'll love you more, very thoughtful on your part :tup:
  3. Oh my god - that is gorgeous! The colour! the finish! :drool:

    ...and seriously - how much effort did you put into this?! If you're ever single, call me LOL! :winkiss:
  4. OMG this is so hot. I love it.
    I hope you're girlfriend loves it as much as I do. Otherwise you can be my bf!
  5. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to find it at Chanel Ala Moana. I know I had seen it in many colors here, and I'm so glad they had it in the size and color you wanted! I'd love to see your girlfriend modeling it!

    Congrats again! :drool:
  6. [​IMG]



    so sweet of you, this will be a lovely surprise for ur gf, she will love this:love:

    I love the turquoise satin color and the purple too, great choice;)
  7. What a thoughtful boyfriend you are! Great choice!
  8. What a bf!!! How much effort did you put into this???? I'm so glad for you! Your determination has paid off!

    Should you ever ever ever be single, let me know, I'll intro my gfs to you!!!
  9. hahaha ladies, i doubt this boy would ever be single! he's def a keeper, esp so when his gf receives this bag! lol
  10. the bag is :love: ~ your gf will :heart: it ~ well done you!
  11. She's lucky to have both (You & the bag)...
  12. A beautiful selection!

    Congrats and you'll be having such a wonderful Valentine's day toting this gorgeous bag out! =)
  13. Your gf is so lucky to have you:yes:!Congrats on the fabulous bag too!:nuts:
  14. you done amazingly well.

    Your GF will absolutely adore this bag, its perfection on a chain!!! :biggrin:
  15. Your GF will be sooo happy. Great bag!