Reissue 2.55 (Small) OR Chevron WOC? (Both SHW)

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  1. Hello! I recently purchased this lovely flap bag (but the color of mine is BLACK) , and I am looking to purchase another, either :

    1) A Black Chevron Caviar WOC (new)

    2) A Black Reissue 2.55 (small 225) size in Distressed Calf (new or preloved waiting for authentication on TPF)

    Both have S(R)HW.

    I was really planning on getting the Reissue, because I like the crossbody length better than a Classic Flap and I usually just like to take what's in my current bag and transfer (I'm lazy in consolidating.) BUT I love chevron, and love it on the WOC. I am looking for something that can be both dressy and casual for work and evenings, and I think both serve that purpose as well!

    The sizes of the Reissue and WOC are just every so slightly bigger and smaller, respectively, than the Plexiglass flap bag that I have. So not sure if I should go larger in size , or smaller.

    Dilemma! The price difference between the two choices is $1900-$2800 (depending if I get new or preloved). Any advice? Augh!

    Thank you!!

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  3. Tough one. This season's chevron caviar wocs are really gorgeous.
    Any news on the authentication? A 224 is roomier than a woc.
    I love chevron and reissues so I'm not much help
    But have you considered a reissue woc? The one with the working turn lock was available in both gold and ruthenium hardware. What I'm not sure is if there's still some left. I got mine late January.

  4. I myself wanted to buy the flap bag you have, but in the medium size Burgundy color. Do you mind sharing photos of the interior and other angles of your new flap bag.

    I would go with the reissue since that's the bag you wanted originally. Don't settle for less.
  5. I have the small reissue and the chevron woc. I use the woc just about everyday. But I like knowing I have the reissue to pull out as well. You'll get use out of both. I'd buy whatever is harder to find first. Go back for the other later.
  6. Thanks for your reply! No, not yet -- I can't get it authenticated through Enticleers because it is a 16 million series, and the Chanel Authentication thread is a bit backed up. So I'm still waiting -- it all checks out I think except there is no hologram sticker.

    I did see the Reissue WOC at the boutique -- it was adorable! But I just love the chevron print, and like the Reissue as a bigger bag because of its durability.

    So hard to decide! I guess which one is harder to come by?
  7. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing, that they both serve different purposes. Do you mind sharing any modeling photos of wearing both the Small Reissue and Chevron WOC? If it's not too much trouble. Are you able to fit longer wallet (i.e. LV Emilie or Clemence) in the Reissue Small?
  8. 224 gets my vote... Not a fan of wallet on chain.
  9. i just bought the small reissue, it's beautiful. as per my SA, there were only 5 (new) left in the entire country. it's hard to find, but it is a classic and i'm sure it will come around again. the black chevron woc may not come around again....i would go for the woc. good luck!
  10. Sure, I'm planning to wear it tomorrow for an event. I will take post pics over the weekend!
  11. THank you! THat's kind of what I was thinking. Did you get the Reissue Size 225 in SHW or GHW?
  12. I can fit my full size reissue zip around wallet. But not much else. I use my LV James wallet or card holder. I will post pics soon!
  13. i bought it in GHW b/c i already have the M/L classic flap in SHW. I feel like the 2.55 reissue with GHW gives it more of a vintage/classic/high society feel...ruthenium/SHW is more contemporary...
  14. I would choose reissue. WOC is too casual for me personally, and I felt that for my Chanels i look for classic elegance and versatility (reissue checks everybox on that).

    Find WOC type bag more on the casual side and lack versatility to dress up as an elegant bag option (snap button and simple lines crossbody wallet style). I also see lots of WOC type non-Chanel bags that are very well done. Would choose rectangular/square mini for the casual elegant over WOC personally. I do see that many are very excited about the chevron patter though, but I would choose the bag fit over the pattern as I think that would last longer from a use/lifestyle standpoint. hope it helps!
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  15. Thank you so much for being willing to post pics!