Reissue 2.55 small in matte black with GHW avaliable

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  1. Anyone interested can PM me for NM SA info. ;)
  2. its small not 226 right?
  3. Yup it's 225 :smile:
  4. :sad: don't have nm card or american express. Or I denfinitely grab it
  5. How much is it?
  6. 2695,
    too sad for me i want 226....
  7. Hi, is it still available?

  8. That was the old price. It is now $2850 as of 2/1/10.

    Reissue 225 increased from $2695 to $2850
    Reissue 226 increased from $2795 to $3250
    Reissue 227 increased from $3095 to $3600
  9. Soph, aren't you glad we already have the reissues we collected?

  10. Yes Schol! Heehee. :biggrin: I should had bought more back then. Now I have equity in bags! :yahoo: