Reissue 2.55 in Grey or Black?

  1. ok, so today is the day! i have a grey one on hold but just want to make sure which color i would end up happiest with. which colors do you ladies think i should get??

    :smile: :heart: :heart:
  2. I'd personally go with black. As much as everyone raves about the grey one, it just didn't quite "do it" for me... I have a LOT of black in my wardrobe and the grey just ended up looking washed out and not quite "right" with all the black things... But I think it's something you need to see in person...
  3. i just got off the phone with my SA and he said the same thing as you. he likes the black better and think i will get more use out of the black in years to come. grey might just be too passing for me.
  4. I would go with the black.
  5. Ditto - I'd go with black too. I've never been a fan of grey bags - I like either balck, white, or a single bright color. Are both available in store for you to try on now? Good luck!
    (Did you decide what to do about your bbags yet?)
  6. hi tweetie. i've decided to keep both my bbags. :smile: i don't want to regret it later. besides my black bbag is super soft and of course i'll never let the seafoam go. hehe. as for the reissue, i'm going to Saks in about an hour to check out the two colors. but i might end up with a black one.....
  7. I like the black best between the two. I had the grey and returned it (it had a bit of a lilacy undertone to it which was limiting). That said, I think the grey color adds a bit of edge to the bag and does look great with jeans.
  8. I also vote for black.:yes:
  9. i love both, but i have a grey one. i wanted something that would stand out against black clothing. i also love how the vintage leather stands out more in the grey color imho.
    both are great; i absolutely love the reissue!
  10. I vote for black also.
  11. I vote for grey. It's really a special colour, and it actually does go with everything -- it's just as neutral as black is.

    I've had mine for a while, and it hasn't been a problem, making it work with things. Also, I believe grey to be just as 'enduring' a colour as black.
  12. black for me, more versatile, easy to match
  13. grey. I have both, but I find grey actually stands out more.
  14. black or ivory, not grey!
  15. black fo me....... that's what I chose!