Reissue 06' is here!!!

  1. My new baby, isn't she a beauty??:love:
    Img_4530.jpg Img_4533.jpg Img_4549.jpg Img_4558.jpg Img_4560.jpg Img_4561.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!:love: :love: :love:
  3. Sooo pretty!! ;)
  4. Ohhh, I want one!
  5. I LOVE HER! I'm so glad you love the new baby ;)
  6. oh wow! the more and more i see it...the more and more i sooo want to get one!

    what are the new colors for 06? if any?
  7. Beautiful bag, Savannah! You will use her a LOT! Mine is also the grey and I don't think I've put mine down since I got her - she goes almost everywhere with me. What size did you get?
  8. Oooh ... it's a beauty! The black looks stunning with the silver hardware! What size did you get? Did you manage to see the new fall colors as well?
  9. Beeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooootiful!!!! Is that the black with silver hardware???

    I got the black with gold hardware in Amsterdam yesterday...they don't have the black with silver hardware yet but I'm getting that one too!! The first time I'll ever own more than one of the same bag!!

    I'm in LOVE...glad you are too!!!!
  10. congrats! i've been waiting to see your pics since last nite!! oohohoh
  11. I was just going to post asking if there is a black with silver hardware as I saw it in a mag. Beautiful bag, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Beautiful bag- Congrats!! Is this the large size? I'd also love to know about the new fall colors :smile:
  13. Oh and Savannah can you tell me what the little pocket under the Chanel logo is for? I haven't figured that one out yet LOL!!!
  14. congrats on your new reissue too! i'm curious--is the store at amsterdam going to get the black reissue with silver hardware too? or are they getting the bag transferred from NY? thanks.
  15. It's a lipstick pocket. Since I generally carry a lipstick palette, the little pocket goes unfilled in my classic flap bag. Does anyone have suggestions for what else might fit there?

    Savannah, your new bag is absolutely gorgeous!