Reisling lovers unite..

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  1. I was at the liquor store this evening buying a Spatlese and a Reisling and now I am drinking the Spatlese - (about to fall asleep due to it) but anyway - any other lovers of sweet wines out there?

    If so, what do you recommend?

    Here in colorado we have a winery (yeah, who knew) called Two Rivers; they do a very nice Reisling that goes well with Seafood. :love:

    The Two Rivers is horrible with dairy product though. :sick:

    Does anyone know of a reisling or Spatlese that really partners with dairy well? Specifically with Cheesecake?
    (planning mom's day dinner)

    Thank you ladies :flowers:
  2. I LOVE riesling. Two of my favorites are by Chateau St. Michele and Trimbach. There was a fabulous kind from upstate new york where I lived from Hermann Weimer...but I don't know if you can find it out west. I think there are even some good ones from Australia now. I'm off to bed, but will list more tomorrow:smile:
  3. I love riesling, and that genre of fruity but not necessarily sweet Alsatian or German wines. I don't have any brand recommendations because I tend to get wines by the glass at restaurants and promptly forget what I got. I usually browse at Kermit Lynch (Chez Panisse's wine supplier) because they have great selections. They have a searchable archive of their newsletters.

    I love making white sangria with cheap riesling and cut up fruit. And I also prefer coq au riesling over the typical coq au vin.
  4. I LOVE riesling!!! Bonnie Doone (? I think..) is my favorite!!!
  5. How're you doing this morning D?
  6. I'm glad to have lived in the Rhine valley for the past 2 years, lots of Riesling and Spaetlese come from around here.
  7. Excellent question. :lol:
  8. I adore Reislings! I have heard of Two Rivers....will need to check the wine long on the others.
  9. me? :blink:

    I'm fine, I'm an old wine pro. :graucho:

    So Vlad, any suggestions for a good resiling to serve with dairy? :flowers:

  10. I don't drink wine and I also am allergic to dairy. Any further questions? :smartass:
  11. I've never tried Reisling. My favorite wines are pinot grigio and chardonnay - don't know if they're similar to Reisling or not :shame:

    I've heard a lot of people say that wine gives them terrible hangovers, but it doesn't affect me. Now hard liquor is a different story :angel:
  12. Reisling does nothing for me. I tried it again, and again, and again, but nothing! I'm a Merlot chick.
  13. i am a huge fan of sweet fruity wines like Reisling, and Gewurztraminer. I like dessert ice wines from Canada too.
  14. Yes, the Bonnie Doone "Critique of Pure Riesling" is quite good, as all their other wines.
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