Reip to LV on Michigan Ave. in Chicago *NO PICS*

  1. As some of you may know I was pretty excited to visit the LV store yesterday. (In Chicago) I have 2 sucked!!! :sad: I either had whatever was on display or had sold it in the sad. We went out to lunch after and I told my husband that I was sadly disappointed and felt my bag shopping was OVER until Spring. He was happy....I was not. Oh well...I just never thought I would be satisfied...and I AM!!! (for now) I did see some GORGEOUS bags in Gucci...going back today. But thats sends me to another part of TPF!!! lol
    Just wanted to share my silly thoughts!!!
  2. WOW....sorry for the misspelled thread title...REIP???? Meant to be Trip. duh.....
  3. It's disappointing to get all excited and then not be able to find something you want. But Gucci bags are wonderful--one of my all-time favorite, most used bags is a gorgeous, green, Gucci Blondie. So, though it is practically sacrilege to say so on this forum, have fun buying a gucci! It will keep all your LVs company.
  4. haha..I was wondering what REIP stood for..but glad you found something else to tide you over in the meantime!
  5. Oh, don't feel bad sunshine. If you happen upon a great gucci, then it will be worth it! Good luck and the spring bags will be here before you know it...hopefully one of those will catch your eye!:yes:
  6. LOL I when I first saw that I was like what the heck??
    Sorry to hear it sucked...:sad:
  7. I am glad you found something.
  8. Awww that's too bad! Did you try the Saks LV?? Well nonetheless...I hope you get something from Gucci!
  9. That's okay Sunshine it's good to have a dry spell. Otherwise you'll be buying LVs 365 days a year. Just wait until this S/S and F/W 07 hit you with a new buying bug.;)
  10. Sunshine...Sorry you had such a BUMMER experience on Michigan Ave. As you know I was just down on Michigan Ave on Saturday myself......Michigan Ave. can be overwhleming - you think, wow - so many great stores, I have to find something - plus, for the LV lover - if LV (boutique) doesn't have it, chances are the LV at Sak's wil....but then again, with the Holidays ending and all, they probably haven't replenished their supply....being the Newbie I am to LV - I saw TONS of stuff I wanted when I was at the LV boutique! I want to get a keepall duffle next, or possibly a Speedy 30/35 - not sure which one....needless to say, I hope you come leave town with a killer - GUCCI! I saw some great ones at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Ave.....besides the shopping disater experience, I hope you had a wonderful time in Chicago!!!!!