Reinventing the Heel from Origins


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
For years I have had thick, peeling callouses on my heels that made me self-conscious wearing sandals or going barefoot. Even living in a high humidity locale hasn't changed this condition.

My dil loves Origins products and gave me a tube of Reinventing the Heel. It's just about perfect. It repairs and moisturizes so quickly (usually within a day!) that it's almost magic. There's a medicinal odor when it comes out of the tube but it doesn't linger so you won't smell funny after a short time. A little goes a long way so a tube will last a long time. It's $25 for 5 oz. Believe me, you won't need much.

My only complaint is that it's so thick it's hard to squeeze out of the tube. They should probably package it in a jar. However, I'm so thrilled to have finally found something that works on that tough heel skin.
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Feb 5, 2008
Thanks for the review, I have been having issues with my heels too recently I will give this one a try!