reindeer friend!

  1. I just recived my spiaggia denaro :yahoo:The little reindeer is my favorite and after trying all the stores and striking out I finally called Lesportsac customer service. A really nice lady helped me out and went and found my little reindeer friend. The back is kind of boring but I really just wanted the reindeer so I'm happy.

    spiaggia denaro front.jpg spiaggia denaro back.jpg
  2. OMG! That is too cute! I have to find one. YAy for you! I think the reindeer is sooo cute!
  3. OMG, AWWWW IT'S SO CUTE! 8D Plus you have the little black boy with the dreds right next to it!
  4. and the little crab with the ring and a pretty good shot of Adios surfing. I wish the back was a tiny more interesting but I love the front.
  5. there is a stellina at a store here in vancouver and it has the reindeer on both pocket flaps and i want it!!
  6. oooh cuute! congrats robotkitten!! :yes:
  7. Very cute! I like the pineapple guy on the back & the front is TDF! You got really lucky because I thought I had heard that LSS customer service wouldn't help with print placement?
  8. I had heard that too but the lady I got was super nice. Maybe I just got lucky and got the right person at the right time. :smile:
  9. Oh my is perfect:smile:
  10. you should buy it! :yahoo:
  11. i would if i had money but sadly i don't and i'm forced to sell my tan playground campeggio :/ boo
  12. Congratulations! My favorite characters are the little girl buried in the sand, flanked on both sides with the pineapple and the crab holding the diamond ring with the reindeer in the upper corner. I just got my spiaggia dolce and I have all those characters on both sides!
  13. those are my favorite characters too!! and my dolce has all but the reindeer is on the bottom...she got cut off at the top =/ but its ok, my bv has her on there :biggrin:

    robotkitten - i would LOVE to have your spiaggia denaro! reindeer and the girl in the sand! cute!
  14. Robokitten, I actually like the back too ! CUTE denaro !
    My fav are the reindeer & pineapple & you got them both. !
  15. I was just looking at it again and decided that I like the back too. I don't have anything else spiaggia so I hadn't really checked out the pineapple before but he's cute. (and ready to explode maybe? I think he's a grenade!)
    The deer is still my favorite though! I pre-ordered a Vacanza Scuola and specified it has to have the reindeer on it. I'm going to use them together :yahoo: