Rehabbing my Coach Silver Leather Swing Hobo eBay steal

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  1. #1 Oct 17, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2012

    The other day I won an auction on eBay for this pretty little poppy silver leather swing hobo baby, for $84.00.

    You can see, she had a problem:

    With a little bit of rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, I fixed her. Now she's hiding in the closet, waiting for some Apple Guarde to arrive in the mail to hopefully protect her from future boo-boos.

    Let me tell you - this bag absorbs everything. Any moisture that touches her turns super dark until it dries. Which of course means that any moisture with color in it (like a coke, or a dirty puddle) will soak right in.

    When I first touched her with a cotton swab of rubbing alcohol, I almost panicked a little when that spot turned REALLY dark. Much darker than the original spot

    I had to clean her several times, and put her in front of a fan each time to dry her so I could see what I was doing. Afterward, you could still kinda see that something had happened there, so I moistened a towel with rubbing alcohol and, starting where the spot was, sort of feathered rubbing alcohol away from the spot to blend it all in. You can still see *something* there if you look really close, but unless you know where the original black mark was, you'd probably never notice.

    I LOVE the way this bag feels on my shoulder when the soft leather brushes on my arm. To die for!

    I couldn't have done it without this forum and its many posts on how to clean bags. Thanks!

    I've only been a Coach fan for a few months (my friend Tisha dragged me into a store. I don't even like handbags! I'm not girly like that!) and am now obsessed.
    665157_3928508697575_1764982841_o.jpg 175064_3928487177037_537807582_o.jpg
  2. Great Job! You can hardly see it, enjoy your new bag :smile:
  3. Great job! She looks beautiful :smile:
  4. Great clean up :smile: is that the slate or the stardust color ? I have the anthracite hippie and its the perfect bag for quick outings when I don't have to tote the kitchen sink with me :P
    Enjoy your new purse.
  5. Is this the slate color? I have this bag in tangerine and I love her!!! I really like this color also; been looking into finding one also. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Fabulous! I just recently found a tote made from the exact same metallic leather at thrift for 15.00. Only apparently someone loved dark jeans while using it. It also has a couple pen marks on the side. :sad: The blue is not that noticeable to me at least because the shimmer of the leather kind of disguises it.

    Anyways for the price I thought I'd either deal with the color transfer or attempt to lessen it, but i don't want to ruin the metallic or rub it off. I wouldn't mind also attempting to lessen the ink. Any ideas? I've only ever rehabbed vintage leather so I have no idea what to do with this metallic-y stuff. It's completely new to me. If nothing can be done I don't mind using the bag as is. it's still beautiful.
    metallictoteback.JPG metallictotefront.JPG metallictoteink.JPG metallictoteside.JPG
  7. I would try what I did - Take rubbing alcohol and dab at the spots.

    It will turn dark, and then you'll have to let it dry out and you'll feel like nothing happened: you have to do it several times. If you use a cotton swab, you should be able to see the marks transfer to the tip. I had to rub a little bit, too.
  8. Oh yeah and Coach refers to this color as "silver". Up until today she was still available from the Coach website for $298, but she's not there this morning!
  9. I was just relocating my bags to a better storage area and I came across my shimmer leather gold Alexandra. I love how soft the shimmer leather is. I can never stop petting the bag, lol!

    Great work. Enjoy your new bag!
  10. Wow. Great job! I have a sparkle leather Poppy. I never thought of trying alcohol on the spots. Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Glad to hear the alcohol worked. I gave my granddaughter a wallet made from this sparkle leather, and it got a stain on it from the ink on a new receipt that she happened to hold in her hand along with the wallet. She tried to clean it with soap, but it only smeared the ink around, I'll have to tell her how you cleaned your bag with alcohol. thanks!