Rehab project

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  1. Evening ladies. After sprucing up a black NVT Bays last year for my daughter I thought I could do with another challenge!! Here is one very sorry looking Oak Bayswater..
  2. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out. What's the plan for sprucing her up?

  3. I have been brave and put her in the washing machine on a silk wash, they don't seem to have a leather option!
    I will then go from there..
  4. I have washed oak mitzy in washing machine it looked a treat when dry.ive washed a bays in the sink and it was a lot cleaner,it takes a few days to dry out,and LOADS of moisturising cream the cream didn't seem to have any effect but after 2or3 days it seemed to soften it the end it was worth it .good luck I look forward to the pics☺
  5. Good luck - looking forward to seeing the result!
  6. Looking forward to your updates. Good luck...
  7. Ooh she's been well loved. Looking forward to seeing her after her spa treatments!
  8. Good luck! Looking forward to your updates!
  9. Crikey that is a challenge ! Looking forward to watching this thread .
  10. A quick photo after a clean up in the washing machine ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465594114.775649.jpg
    Looking cleaner, will be interesting to see what she is like once dry
  11. Love this thread!!
  12. Looks promising!
  13. Hmmm not bad!
  14. Well you KNOW I love a challenge like this one, I put mine in the sink though. Works wonders!
    Bet yours will be beautiful........!
  15. Ooooooooh - I'm a fan of washing tired Mulberries, can't wait to see your work!
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