Regular Zipped Bays Seasonal?

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  1. I’m relatively new to Mulberry, but have fallen in love with the zipper Bays as my end all be all perfect work/every day bag.

    I’m having trouble finding the “regular” size (no small/mini qualifier in title) online anymore though, only seeing small sizes which will not fit my company issued 13” laptop, which I am unfortunately stuck with for a while. All the larger ones are sold out.

    Does anyone know if the regular size is seasonal or temporary? Or can I expect a restock? I’d be looking for just the black color.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I believe the regular size went in the sale with almost 50% off. There seems to be some left online but not in black ( I don't know whether this means they are stopping production of them or not? (I'm also relatively new to Mulberry)

    Although the 'small' zipped bays, definitely isn't 'small'. This video shows you how much you can actually fit in, and she mentions she can also fit in her 13" Macbook in ().
  3. Thanks!! :biggrin:
  4. Just an update, I never saw another on the medium/regular size online and customer service confirmed there is no remaining stock with no plans for further production, so perhaps the larger size (next size up from small) is being discontinued.

    Lucky for me I found her before it was too late! IMG_1376.JPG
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  5. Congratulations. Glad you found the size you wanted. I have that size in Midnight with silver hardware. About the laptop, I find my zipped Bayswater heavy with my iPad. Hopefully you won’t feel the same with a laptop. Then again, I always carry my handbag and our company logo bag so maybe that’s why I found my zipped Bayswater weighty with the iPad because I carry two bags.
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  6. Thanks! For some reason I tend to gravitate toward large, heavy leather bags so this will probably be par for the course for me in terms of weight. I just call it my daily weight training [emoji854]
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  7. It is a lovely bag. I used mines today for work. Is the interior in your red Bayswater black? Mine is sort of oxblood/maroon.

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  8. Mine has a grey interior, I did love the dark red interior pop of the black, but just didnt jump in time to get that color in that size. Gorgeous bag!
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  9. I think grey looks good too with red. I saw in the past they had a black version with orange interior. I really liked that.
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