Regular vs. Patent

Feb 16, 2008
I'm looking into buying a Sabrina. I absolutely LOVE the style. I just bought a Silverlake which is like the same style. However, I prefer the Coach one.

I'm currently a college student, so patent seems like it would be better for me right now. It's easier to clean. However, I wanted to know if Coach leather scratches easily. I'd buy the Apple conditioner for it. This would be my first leather bag. I'm looking for a long term bag I can use.

I'd be buying it in black for the patent, and either black or magenta in the regular leather. I don't know if the color would make a difference.


Bitten by the CHANEL Bug
Jul 28, 2007
I'm a college student, too! Did you get The Sak Silverlake? I like that bag, but was afraid it wouldn't last due to those bad reviews on Zappos, etc.

Madison: Have you seen it in person? That might help you decide faster. I think I'm leaning more towards the patent myself ^_^
Feb 16, 2008
Yup, I got the Sak Silverlake. I bought it off Amazon in the black patent. I like it, but I'm definitely lusting over this Sabrina.

Nope, I haven't seen them in real life yet. However, I'm leaning towards the magenta leather right now. I already have this black patent purse, and I need a bright purse. I'm just so nervous about scratches.


Oct 11, 2006
Any bag in patent leather can get scuff marks or scratches, however, applying leather conditioners or other solvents is not recommended. Patent leather can be cleaned with a dry or slightly dampened chamois or other soft cloth. You need to be extra careful with light colored patent because it is prone to color transfer and once the transfer is on there, there is no way to remove it. For example, do not place receipts, magazines, newspapers or other printed material against light colored patent leather. This is extra important if you live in hot and/or humid climate.

Those of you with the Camel Patent Sabrina need to be careful when wearing jeans as the blue or black dye from your jeans will transfer onto the bag.

SJ of AZ

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Jul 7, 2008
I once saw some Dooney & Bourke patent wristlets at Dillard's that were a hot mess after being stored together. The white one was really a wreck, having picked up yellow and red marks from the wristlets that were next to it. It scared me away from patent.