Regular Stam vs The Kid

  1. Hi Guys...does anyone have modeling pictures of both to compare the sizes? I have a regular elastic quilted stam in black but I wonder if The Kid would be a better choice...your advice will be highly appreciated.

  2. I have both but I prefer the's size is better suited for me.
    007.jpg 016.jpg
  3. i wonder if the size is the same as the baby stam, just more in the shape of the regular stam...
  4. I think the baby doesn't have handles. I'll have to look.
  5. no, the baby stam doesn't...i meant the body of the seems it's about the same size as the baby stam, only with handles..
  6. :yes:You hit the nail on the head. That's basically it. I think it's slightly bigger than the baby because of the bottom of the bag, but all-in-all it's the same.