Regular Purses??

  1. I was walking through the mall today and I saw a cute purse in a shop window for $89.99 and I thought about buying it BUT then I thought to myself "how can I ever carry that in place of a LV or a Coach??" so I didn't bother to buy it.

    My question any of you ladies ever carry just a regular purse or do you only carry designer purses?
  2. it depends on my outfit!! :biggrin:
  3. Regular purse :biggrin:
  4. Regular purses. I don't have any desginer purses, though I would like one.
  5. I carry both. It depends on what bag goes with my outfit.

    For $89 you can't go wrong. If you think you'll wear it, get it!
  6. I carry designer only. After I experienced the quality of a designer bag, I couldn't buy anything else.
  7. it depends. i have a tote i use for work from target b/c i don't want to ruin my LV and i carry random clutches when i go out. but my non designer purses are usually less than 20 dollars...i can't justify paying much more than that without a brand name.
  8. To me it also depends on the quality if its a non-designer bag. I wouldn't pay $89 for a Nine West b/c I bought a tote that retailed for $69 and the straps frayed and fell apart :sad: . IMO it doesn't have to be super high end to be of decent quality.
  9. I carry both designers and non-designers. I just love purses in general, so it doesn't really matter to me whether they are designers or not as long as I like them :amuse:
  10. there are other purses than designer purses out there? :shocked:
  11. only carry designer... might not be mainstream designer, but definitely designer purses.
  12. oops i meant brand name as in designer. :smile: liz claiborne, nine west, even a lot of tommy hilfiger still falls into that would only buy it at ross/tj maxx catagory for me.

    and can i just say i hate nine west. grrr. cute designs i can seriously only carry their bags for a month. the shoes aren't much better...
  13. During the day I carry a designer purse. For evening it's a mix of designer and nondesigner (clutches).
  14. I totally hate things that fall apart too. But I actually had a different experience with liz claiborne and nine west. My school bags in college were always from those two, and they lasted forever -- through rain, snow, bars, classroom floors, etc.

    But probably different designs are of different quality, so who knows. If you want real durability, it probably is best to stick w/ a designer well known for quality.

    Re: the origninal question, I just recently started buying some coach, kate spade, and gucci stuff so I know exactly the feeling that you describe -- I'm so excited to carry my new designer stuff that I don't like going "back" to my older generic purses. But at the same time, I like some of my older purses, and if they went with my outfit, I'd still get them out. I'm certainly not throwing them away or anything! I've also definitely looked at cute bags from banana republic and ann taylor lately. So no, I would not "shun" a non-designer bag!
  15. I have and carry all kinds.

    As long as it is well made, looks good, functions as I need it, and matches my mood, I'm good with it. :amuse: