Regular polish over Gel & Sandwiching

  1. Ohh I'd be interested in hearing how this wears for you! (^(oo)^)v
  2. I use gelish base and top coat and then apply regular polish and use the Seche uv coat and it lasts about 5 days, I am hard with my nails I type and do some manual labor at our plant and they seem to hold up.
  3. That is good to know as well. So many combinations..lots of experimentation !
  4. Hi Again

    My Gelish sandwich mani with regular polish and the Seche Ultra-V top coat only lasted a few days. It was easy to remove no soaking needed. I only cured the Seche for 45 seconds based on my 36 watt light vs the 9 watt they say to use for 3 minutes. I did get an email response form Seche and they say to cure top coat for 3 minutes regardless of the lamp wattage. So I might try it again.
  5. SOGFAN - is there a reason you didn't use the Gelish topcoat? Does it not work on top of regular nail polish?
  6. My experience was the Gelish top coat did not cure over regular nail polish. If someone had success with this please post steps taken. Thanks
  7. I used the Gelish Topcoat over regular nail polish and it worked.
    I followed the steps just as if you were to use regular nailpolish, starting with Foundation gel.

    However; it did seem like it takes longer to cure, or maybe you need to apply the nail polish in thinner coats. I found when it was thicker even after top coat it didnt seem to cure properly. So i re-did my nails and applied thinner coats, and you definitely can not go more than 2 coats of regular polish. ANother option would be to try waiting till the polish is fairly dry before applying the topcoat might be the trick. Hope that helps.
  8. I didn't have much luck using the gelish top coat over regular nail polish
  9. I have been doing this every week for the last several months. I do a normal SOG on the weekend when I have the extra time and then once I am sick of the colour (a couple of days later usually) I just top it with normal polish and normal topcoat. When I want to change I just use non-acentone remover to take off the polish (but not the SOG). After a couple of weeks I remove the SOG and start over.

    It works well for me since I have such weak nails that the SOG keeps the polish on longer (but I am way too fickle to spend more than 1 or 2 days with the same colour on).
  10. I just tried 2 coats of Opi's I'm A Princess You're Not between base and top with Sheek tips and so far has lasted a week.
  11. I haven't tried this except for once, and it didn't work too well for me. I, however, am too impatient to probably let the regular polish REALLY dry, so I think that was my issue. It still lasted longer than regular polish on me, which chips before the end of the day! LOL. I got about 3 days out of it.

    You might want to post a link to this thread in some of the Other threads, like Gelish and Other SOG maybe? A lot of us tend to only read the threads we are subscribed to and don't venture out often. I just happened to get caught up on all the ones I was subscribed to today and ventured back out into the population, LOL.
  12. Well I would post a link but not sure how to do it. Copy and paste maybe? I ventured out only to get snagged on Clarins 230, the ever elusive and rare unicorn pee and want to know if it's really worth $50. It's scary venturing out.
  13. If I still wore regular polish much I would so drop $50 on Unicorn pee, LOL. however, I don't and I have HUNDREDS of regular polishes I never wear anymore. Now, if they made Clarins 230 in a gel polish, i'd spend $150 on it, LOL.

    As far as posting the link, yes you just want to copy the URL, then you can just paste it into the other threads. I think since it is a purse forum topic it will automatically change the link to the name of the thread and hyperlink it maybe
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    When you say you do a normal SOG, do you just use the gel base and gel top coat, and then use regular polish and a regular clear coat over that?
    OR do you also use a gel polish in between the gel base and gel top coat.

    If you do use a gel polish also, do you find that it is better to use a light color gel polish?? Give me all the details- I wanna try it!! I have done my own gel manicure a few times, but still want to use some of the very pretty regular nail polishes I own.
  15. I am going to try it and thank you. You know I just had an idea - if this sandwiching stuff doesn't work out (because I am like you and never going back to just that), and I have to give up all my regular polishes, I might donate them to some nursing homes for the nurses to put on the residents. I know my mother has a nurse or two who are constantly doing her nails out in a home in Tucson. I sure would like to know if Clarins 230 would layer as I sure am drooling over it. Not enough to buy it and experiment though, too broke right now.