Regular polish over Gel & Sandwiching

  1. I recall someone saying you could put regular polish over a shellac or gelish manicure - I just did my nails with gelish and hate the color...can I put a coat of regular polish over it and will it last as long? Do I need another top coat of gelish on there? I don't have another gelish color to use.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. I have put polish over shellac top coat, and it stayed on very well. I tried for the fun
    of it putting Shellac topcoat over a regular polish. Not a good idea. the shellac would
    not cure.
  3. tracy, yes you can.
  4. what is gelish?
  5. cool...i have never seen this before
  6. I think you can, but you just need to use a non-acetone remover so you don't take the gel off by accident.
  7. I put the gelish top coat over regular polish, and it did cure, but it chipped really quickly like regular polish, but still needed an acetone soak to get it all off. What a waste of time! I was considering trying the base and top coat from Gelish, with regular polish in between, but haven't tried it yet...

  8. ^I'd also be interested in knowing if that works (base/top coat Gelish) with regular polish in between.

    I've been wondering if you can use Incoco french manicure white tips over gelish/shellac polish and if the Incoco tips will cure properly with a gelish/shellac top coat. Anyone tried this yet???
  9. Been wondering this myself. If someone tries this, keep us posted!
  10. Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and I have successfully executed the Gelish "Sandwich" manicure (Gelish Foundation, regular nail polish of my choice, Gelish Top it Off top coat).

    I'm only three days in, but so far so good! All layers cured just fine, and there's been no lifting whatsoever (that had been my biggest problem with other sog manicures)!

    * I applied and cured the Foundation, then did a dry wipe
    * Next I applied a thin coat of Bashful, cured for 2 minutes, then removed the tacky layer with rubbing alcohol and a lint free nail wipe. (next time around I plan to skip this step because I don't think it served any purpose other than to build up a little thickness beyond the foundation)
    * I applied 2 coats of nail polish, letting each coat dry for about 5 minutes.
    * I then applied the Gelish Top it Off topcoat and cured for 3 minutes on each hand.
    * I have heard a lot about Gelish requiring a 36 watt lamp, but I used my basic 9 watt lamp, with no problems.

    Gelish seems to be the answer to my nails are super thin and bendy :sad:
    I've got TONS of polish colors, but my regular manis always seemed to chip or peel, or my nails would tear. I am a pro at applying my own nail color, but sog's were a bit of a challenge. Gelish allows me to strengthen my nails so that I can rock my own polishes now.

    Next time around, I plan to try this using only Gelish Foundation, with my own nail color on top and China Glaze UV Activated Top Coat. I want to have the option of changing up my nail color a couple of times a week, without sacrificing the strengthening layer. The China Glaze UV Top Coat gives the same shiny finish as Gelish, but doesn't have to be soaked off. I'll let you know the results when I finish.

    In the meantime, I'm a total Gelish fan! (Never tried CND, because I wasn't able to get my hands on their base coat, so I'm afraid I can't make any comparisons)
  11. Welcome! Thanks for sharing the info -- keep us updated. I'm especially curious as to how long it takes you to soak off the "sandwich" mani. :smile: Got tons of regular polishes myself I'd love to wear again. They've been relegated to my toes for several years now.
  12. Thanks for all the great information!!! I cant wait to try it all out... when my light arrives tomorrow
  13. Hi

    I just tried to do the Gelish sandwich manicure and couldn't get the topcoat to cure it wasn't shiny and had wrinkles all through it. Any ideas since you said you had success?
  14. I just used my gelish base coat, 2 coats of regular nail polish, and then I found at Sallys Seche Ultra V top coat. The top coat says to cure for 3 minutes in a 9 watt light, I used 45 seconds in my 36 watt light and it worked beatifully and no tacky top coat residue. Will let you know how long it stays on, Very shiny and will be easier to soak off !:biggrin: