Regular polish and gel nails

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  1. Morning Girls.

    I am new to all this gel nails and was wondering if you could apply a coat of regular nail polish instead of the gel colour and then top with a gel coat and get the same effect? Does the regular nail polish react? Only yesterday i asked for a french mani and she offered me the gel alternative as it would last 2-3 weeks. She didnt use a fancy white gel to do the tips, but what looked like a normal bottle of white polish? Then applied a gel layer and some sealing polish.

    I was curious as this way i could use the colours i already have but they would last weeks. (providing i dont get bored by then)

    Thanks for you help!
  2. I used to have acrylics nails and got a gel top coats which the lady said would be a better topcoat because it would stay shiny rather than dull like regular top coats. I think that this would be the same....
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    Hmmmm, it sounds like your nail tech may have be using one of the soak-off gel polishes. Shellac and Gelish are the two most likely as I think they were the first couple to come out in bottle form but others are coming on the market quickly (ah, I see now you are in the UK-- it may be a different brand.. in Europe, GELeration or Seche Vite are available to certified professionals as well). A few of the SOG threads discuss trying to use regular polish sandwiched between SOG base/top... so far I don't think anyone has come up with a replicatable solution to use a regular polish with a soak-off-gel polish top coat... doing so wont give you the two weeks' + wear that you get with the SOGs and the regular polish underneath tends to wrinkle as it doesn't dry thoroughly. Keep an eye on those threads tho to see if anyone figures out how to do it. :smile:

    BTW, not all gel top coats are soakable, so make sure to buy a soak-off-gel top coat if that's what you are wanting to do.

  4. Thank you, Some more investigation is needed!!!!