Regular Paddy vs. Medium Pocket Paddy

  1. I can't decide between the two, which one would you pick?
  2. Regular Paddy satchel. I have had (and returned) both, but the satchel is a classic. The shape was wrong for me, though. Unless you need a larger bag...then go with the pocket. But it's bigger than it looks! And it sort of smooshes up like a football. If it was square on like it is in the pics, I would say pocket, but it's not. Confused yet? :lol: :wacko:
  3. Sadly, I followed every word you said :weird:

    Maybe I need a life :shame:
  4. Sadly, I too totally understood what you were trying to say.
    I guess thats purse addict talk for ya LOL!

    I started off wanting the satchel but the pocket paddy is also growing on me, but I can NOT get both LOL!
  5. The have a bunch of the pocket paddy's at my local Saks. I don't like them.

    Go for the regular
  6. I am partial to the pocket as the profile "fits" me absolutely have to try them both on (and take the stuffing out of the pocket first) to decide which is best for you...
  7. I agree with SoCal...if you're used to larger bags, go for the pocket paddy. If not, stick to the regular paddy. If you want to be different, go with the pocket, as everyone has the regular paddy. I think if you were to go to a store and try both on, you will definitely know on the spot which looks better on you. Personally on me, the large pocket paddy is my favorite and it's funny cause i'm pretty short/petite (5'2) and i adore large bags!!! Good luck...
  8. Chicbags and Vixy, what's really sad is I sometimes slip and talk to DH in PurseForum lingo: "One of the girls on PF saw a Chloe so I called my SA..." and he's like "WHAT?"

    Somebody stop me!
  9. I like both! But lately, I'm more partial to the pocket paddy than the satchel, especially if I wear jeans/pants. I do think that the satchel works much better with dresses though.
  10. I am actually considering the medium pocket paddy not the large.
    Isn't the med pocket paddy smaller then the paddy satchel.
    I do like the fact that there are less people walking around with the pocket vs the satchel. That is a plus for me.

    Etenebris, give your DH some time. When I speak in purse Lingo my dh, he totally understands what I am saying. He'll even reply in purse lingo sometimes which cracks me up hearing it come out from him lol!
  11. The medium pocket paddy feels a bit larger than the paddy satchel...the large pocket paddy feels similar to the shopping tote in size...
  12. I have both. But I'd say the medium pocket. I can post them if you want?
  13. Ohh if you don't mind, some side by side comparison pictures would be awesome. Thank you :smile:
  14. I'd say go for the satchel... these bags are heavy and you don't want them to be any bigger than you absolutely need them to be. IMO. ;)

    And ET! That's hilarious!!! I started doing that with my BF and he's just as confused as your DH is... I think I should make a PF dictionary for him!!!
  15. The small/medium pocket is definitely larger than the satchel. Here is a comparison "pic" from NAP.

    Edit: I just realized that I have had ALL four of these bags! And the shopper tote! How sad is that? And only Edith remains.