Regular Paddy style or box tote?


Regular Paddy or box tote?

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  1. I am thinking of getting another Paddy in tan and I need the collective wisdom of you ladies. Do you think I should go for the regular Paddy style or the box tote? This is an example of a box tote from Style Drops (note that I am not getting this from Style Drops)

    I already have a regular medium Paddy in Blanc, a baby Paddy in Taupe, and have pre-ordered another medium in Navy, as well as another baby in Aicer. Should I go for a different style? Or is the box tote too structured and boring?
  2. I think you have a fair few of very similar styles at the moment :biggrin:
    you have two regulars and two babies.
    How about the new shoulderstrap style, that is fabulous, and looks devine in tan

    or go for a brand new style which will turn heads :smile:

    decisions decisions :biggrin:
  3. oh I can vouch for that shoulderstrap one - saw it in Brown Thomas in Dublin last week and it is TDF - way better IRL. It is ultra slouchy and so comfy on the shoulder - definately an option if you have all those paddies already.
  4. Secret Shopaholic, do you live in Dublin? Going there tomorrow, any shops I should definitely check out? (besides the usual BT, M&S, etc.) Thanks for yoyr help!
  5. Hi CP

    Unfortunately I don't - I was there with work last week so sneaked off for a wee look. Brown Thomas is defo the best for designer bags if that is what you are going for. Rest of the stores are pretty much what we have in the UK. Are you in the UK? If so are you going to get your flight with all the cancellations at the moment? I hope so.
  6. Actually I live in Maryland but go every year to see the MIL. I don't usually buy too many big ticket items there because even with the VAT back, the exchange rate and customs it usually isn't worth it, unless I find something I can't get here.

    Sorry for the off topic, the Chloe shoulder strap is gorgeous, I don't usually get hand-held bags. How much is it in Dublin?
  7. I think it worked out to be about £700 so still a bit expensive. It's a shame you weren't over a month previously as there were so many great sales on with most items 50-60% off.
  8. The shoulder strap one is even more expensive than that. It is 860 pounds, so an expensive bag, but very lush :smile:
  9. I like the box tote better than the original paddy. It was at the trunk show. I want to get one of the totes myself.
  10. The box tote is SOOO cute!
  11. Go for the box tote if you have so many regular and small ones. It is veeeeeeeery nice:yahoo: !!!!!!
  12. The box is adorable. I bought it, fell in love with it, and returned it. Here's why:

    -The shape is more compact than the Paddy. I am petite, and the box didn't add any impact to my small frame. It didn't stand out like the regular satchel.

    -You can't protect the lock from the plate with the leather end pieces of the zipper. I wear my Paddy satchel completely unzipped with one end of the zipper piece placed between the lock and plate. It reduces the metal upon metal contact and slows down the peeling process. With the box, using the end zipper piece distorts the shape of the bag - the lock hangs crooked.

    -The outside pockets on the box are small; they don't run the length of the bag like the Paddy. I found I could barely fit anything inside. It's wasted space.

    I really wrestled with returning the box, but for $1575 a bag has to be practical and functional, not just cute.
  13. Ladies, thanks so much for your feedback; I really appreciate your views.

    I do not think I like the shoulder strap style much. I am 5'2" (or 5'3" on a good day ;) ), and I think that style would be too long for me. I don't have much to carry and do not particularly mind problems with peeling lock (the lock on my Blanc is almost completely "bald" at the U-shaped part), but I am concerned after reading Roey's reply about the box tote not having any impact on a small frame.

    I am sort of leaning towards an alternative style: the small satchel with a front pocket. Which do you think? The pocket satchel or the box tote?
  14. I love the small pocket paddy :yes:

    you have found some great bags, so I am sure whichever one you choose is going to look fab. Its just important to complement what bags you already have so that it does not look too similar :smile:
  15. Regular pocket Paddington satchel. It's classic, looks great over the shoulder or handheld and it's the perfect size for everyday use (at least for what I need!).