Regular Mabel RRP

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  1. Does anyone know the Mulberry RRP for a regular goatskin mabel? Am considering bidding for one on *Bay and want to know if it is a good price! Many thanks!
  2. I think it's £595. At least, the soft spongy leathers were £595... Hope it works out a good bargain for you!
  3. Thanks Tweetinat! I see you have an emerald regular mabel. How do you like it? Do you use it lots?
  4. The Mabel I have just returned to York was £595 full price and I paid £395 for it.

    It was the grainy/pebbled leather and quite soft. I loved it but one of the straps stitching came away so I had to get a refund.::shocked:

    Hope you manage to get it.;)
  5. Very interesting question kitbel as I'm currently in the throes of my own dilemma (see here!)

    I haven't used it yet as it is a Birthday present but I love the size and (don't tell the husband) regularly take it out of the bag and dustbag just to gawp. It's perfect if you want to carry around more than phone/purse/filofax and I intend on using mine as a baby changing bag!!
  6. Thanks Tarababe! I need a black bag for work and can't quite make up my mind! Have already bought and rehomed a black mitzy tote ....
  7. Have just looked at the midnight mabel. What a beautiful colour! I don't think you would regret it ....
  8. I was on the phone to Cheshire Oaks this morning kitbel and they said that they had a couple of black Mabels in stock and I think they were Goat (although may have been soft spongy). If I remember correctly they were £416... I don't know if your budget will stretch that far but thought I'd let you know in case you fancy a new one :smile:
  9. Ooh, I might give them a call in the morning? Do you know what the differences are between goat and soft spongy?
  10. Not certain if I'm honest. From what I've seen from various pics on this site, the goat seems to have a more distinct grain than the soft spongy. The SA at Cheshire Oaks is lovely though so I'm certain will be able to give you some good advice. Their number is: 0151 356 8904 if you need it (happen to have my phone in front of me!).

    They can also check the stock levels in all the other outlets by the way. It's not something that they offer to do, but if you say you're after a particular leather or colour and ask then they will do so for you :smile:

    Postage for mail order is £7.50 and you get 7 day refund window if you're not happy.


  11. I had a goatskin Mabel and thought the leather was lovely. I still have an antiqued leather mabel which I love. The rrp of the goatskin was £650 and the antiqued was £595. If you can I would buy one from an outlet.... you have the option of a refund (if mail-ordered) and the year's guarantee should anything go wrong.

    I was thinking of maybe getting a Mitzy tote myself... do you mind me asking you why you didn't get on with the style? :smile:
  12. yes... medium goat £650, large £750
  13. Hi shopaholicmum! The mitzy tote was lovely, gorgeous leather and very roomy. I think I just prefer a bag over my shoulder rather than on my hand or in the crook of my arm. And I usually packed it too full to be able to convert it to a messenger. I do like the mitzy style, though, so am quite tempted by a hobo or a messenger.
  14. Thanks! I'll give them a call in the morning!