Regular Lesportsac Prints

  1. I'm trying to find a bag for my mom that's lesportsac for mother's day since she liked the material my PG bella bellas were, but insisted that the designs was too young for her.

    I went to c 21 and saw a chandelier print I liked, but am looking for more options. I'm trying to find the smoother feeling bags like the remix. Many of the regular bags are unpadded, rough, and thin. I'm trying to find something padded, with a simpler, more elegant design without it being too colorful. -Something a bit more conservative that my mom won't think is too 'young' since she's very intent on looking her age...[60] without it just being a plain color?

    I wanted to get something at the sample sale for her...but there goes that..

    Do any of you have any suggestions? Before toki, I never really paid too much attention to lesportsac prints so I don't really know names of prints, or all the prints still available for sale..



  2. Try the LeSportSac web site for ideas. They show every bag currently available in every print. Once you find one you like you can track it down.

    Personally I think most of them are really ugly.....

    Why not get your mom a solid color toki? The Biancos are very elegant looking.
  3. Perhaps the line to get in the sample sale has finally gotten manageable? If you go, I recommend checking out the Liza in the zebra print. Someone here mentioned that prices had been reduced.
  4. Oh...I've checked the prints on the lesportsac website...and didn't like any of it. I saw a few prints I liked at c 21 not on the website, but the size of the bag was too small.
    The problem with the bianco is that it's She'd think it impractical.
    I feel like I'm making my mom sound super difficult, but I just feel she's difficult to shop for, so when she shows the slightest enthusiasm in something I edge towards that.

    I can't go to the sample sale today...gotta move the equipment from the dojo after it's packed to the university to set up in a bit, and tomorrow the tournament starts at 10 am and judges are there at 9. Tournaments usually end at 6:30..then there's clean up..
    My mom wouldn't take to the zebra print...I saw that on the website too.
    Too bold.
    I may get her a simple plain one but the fabric is then the issue...

    Am I looking for something impossible?

    Does anyone know what I mean when I say the chandelier print?
  5. what do you guys think of the oc sparkler print? i saw a nice bag in that print but wasn't crazy over the print...

    It was like a long satchel with short handles and had outr pockets..I can't seem to find the name of the style though
  6. Hi - Don't know where you're located, but on the West Coast, there's a pretty big selection of bags in Bloomingdales and Macy's - Both I noticed had "older" patterns I hadn't seen on line.

    Another option for a knock-around nylon bag that is a tad more conservative is the "le Pliage" line by Longchamps. Many beautiful colors, and very popular as a "sporty" bag for the well-dressed in Europe.