Regular Damier or Mini Lin Speedy

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  1. My friend and I were debating whether she gets the speedy in regular damier or mini lin. I have the damier and love it so I convinced her to get one too. But she also likes the mini lin. She's confused now which one to get as she loves both styles but can only afford one. Need your opinions please.
  2. If it is her first lv bag and she plans to carry it often, I would say damier speedy coz the canvas does not wear out as easily as fabric
  3. this is tough. I have both. Both beautiful but id go for a damier too..she would have less issues with it. It will remain beautiful with use.It will not be too saggy like the mono or the ML.I have a mini lin too, but with the two, im more careful using it because its fabric.
  4. I've owned both. I prefer the Damier.
  5. Yup! Told her the mini lin is pretty but the fabric might be too fragile
  6. As long as shes not hard on the mini lin she wont have any problems with it. the handles are dark as well so she wont have to worry about that. Ive had my mini lin wallet for 8 months ish, and for a while was only carrying it by itself around and it still looks brand new, and that was in my hand so I wouldnt worry to much either way which to get. As for the saggyness, she can get a leather base shaper on eBay if thats a problem. I have one for my speedy and it works great :yes: Really if she can only get one, and its going to be her first she should definatly get whichever ones she loves more. No matter the material. She will probably end up wanting another one in 6 months anyways... their addictive :p
  7. i prefer the damier speedy.. it's such a worry-free bag!
  8. I'd prefer Mini Lin only if it's in Dune.. if not, my vote is for Damier.
  9. Yup, I totally agree! :tup:

    I'd also suggest the Regular Damier Speedy as it will be MUCH EASIER to take care of than the Mini Lin.
  10. I would go with the Damier also. I think it is so classy! They are both great bags though, so I don't think either decision is a bad one!
  11. The concensus seems to be damier!:graucho:
  12. I think she should get the Mini lin or a mono speedy. If you two go out together often, she might not want to carry the same bag as yours!:smile:
  13. I got a mini lin just last week and I use it every single day. I super love it! It is my first LV so I'm extra careful with it. Since its fabric, I am afraid that it might get dirty easily. So now, after only two weeks, I want another one which I would want to use on a daily basis. I just think the Mini Lin is not for everyday use. SO now, I am targetting to get a Saleya PM. Yes it is true, this is really addiciting. Your wishlist just gets longer everyday.. especially after reading the posts and seeing the modelling pics of the newer bags!
  14. KellyLV,

    The Damier speedy doesn't sag as much as the MC or ML one???!!! Really?
  15. Mini lin isnt fragile at all.
    Its a great bag.. I say go for it!