Regular black spy - buy or not?

  1. Hello everyone, now that I've got my baby spy, I'd like to add a full size leather spy. I wear a lot of black, so I was thinking black, but it doesn't seem to show off the beautiful leather as well as the other colors.

    What are you thoughts on the black? Any real life/modeling pics would be appreciated.

  2. Oh the black is one gorgeous spy I say go for it
  3. and the new patent black is a gorgeous option :yes:
  4. I love the black & honey colored spys! I say go for one of those. The black is beautiful & elegant. Go for it!
  5. The black is hot. I'm usin' mine today cos I'm wearin' black. But, if you want something to really show off that rich, bubbly, beautiful leather, I'd go with a color. The honey's nice!
  6. I say go for the black bc I had the same question and you and the SA at Fendi said black is the least color to fade..other ones like cognac fade really quick...HTH.
  7. i thought the black was dull but nope.. mine is vibrant and you can tell the leather is great quality. it ooozes class
  8. Black spys are luscious. You don't have to worry about not showing off the leather. Chocolate would also be a good option for you.
  9. Definetly!! Black is an all-round colour and goes with everything! It's so elegant, even I'm considering it after my first cognac!! :drool:
  10. The black spies are gorgeous - a definite classic bag that you can carry for years to come.

    If you wear a lot of black and are worried that the color won't "pop" your outfit, than try looking at something more neutral eg: cognac or honey. However, I find that no matter what you're wearing, the black spy still looks gorgeous all the same.
  11. Black spys are sooooooooooooooo pretty...go for it!!!!! :yes:
  12. Not for me. Black is just...plain.
  13. I think the Black is lovely and a real classic bag, but if you wear a lot of black clothes would go for a colour bag either Blueberry which goes lovely with jeans or a black outfit or the Honey