Regular Birkin or JPG

  1. Hi,
    I am new to this forum and am saving up to purchase my first birkin. Is it possible to use the regular birkin as a shoulder bag instead of carrying it on my arm or should I consider the JPG? As this is my first birkin I would prefer a classic.

    How heavy is the birkin to carry around for daily use? I have a newborn baby of three months so I need to take into account the weight of the bag.

    Thanks. :rolleyes:
  2. from what i've heard from other members, it's not realistic to expect to carry a regular birkin as a shoulder bag. you can put it on your shoulder temporarily if you have skinny arms but i hear that it's uncomfortable. i have also heard that the jpg is a lot heavier and kinda uncomfortable b/c it sticks out. both are gorgeous. just giving you the cons.

    heavy depends on what you think is heavy. if you are concerned about heaviness, you can choose smaller size (30 versus 35) and a lighter leather. i think box, chevre, and epsom are light. togo and clemence heavier.

    three month newborn - congrats! i have 2 kellies and they are very convenient with the shoulder strap. now that my son is a toddler, i can tote the kelly by the handle and NOW considering a birkin.
  3. 3 month old baby, Congratulations! If it's for now, shoulder-carried should be the one as you need your hands/arms ready/free to hold the baby & toddler that baby will grow into. I find it cumbersome to haul my 3 year old around & handle a birkin at the same time but maybe that's just me. Kim mac's way is a good idea, kelly on strap. If you want to haul lots of stuff & don't mind the weight & bulk, then get the JPG!
  4. You cannot carry the regular Birkin on your shoulders. Both the Birkin and the JPG are heavy bags. However, the JPG is even heavier than the regular since the hardware is bigger and heavier. Given this is your first, I suggest a regular Birkin - you will always love it and it is such a classic. The JPG is actually not easy to use since it is a longer and shallower bag things tend to move around in it. The weight of the regular Birkin will also depend on the leather but does not make much of a difference (at least not to me).
  5. yes, i agree with kim, unless you have a very skinny arm, you can't carry the birkin on your shoulder.
    i usually wear mine when i'm not with my son, with children around, carrying around expensive bag is not recommended (well it's me personally feel that way)
  6. I prefer the JPG because there is so much space in it and you find everything in a second. The bag is heavy, but the stuff in it is heavier! I think it's a perfect bag with child, cause you don't need an extra bag for you and the kidsstuff. I wouldn't recommend the JPG as elegant bag. For me it's a allday bag.
  7. Congrats with your 3 month old :smile:
    I agree with all the wonderful ladies in here. Because my DS is 8 months old,I find that I can only carry my Birkin if I had my entourage (DH or babysitter) with me:p. Otherwise, I'd be a wreck. The Birkin and JPG can be heavy esp with added load. The last thing you want to worry about is of a very pricey bag when your cute bebe is crying and has a wet diaper.

    I think you should get the Birkin regardless...hehehe :p.
  8. Kelly88 - I agree with HaydenM. Get that birkin! But you need something else to carry on shoulder when with your baby. I can't use my birkin when I take my mini dachshund to the vets. You need two hands free.

    HaydenM - your baby is precious!
  9. I owned a JPG and I found it uncomfortable under my arm as the base is so wide so I ended up carrying it in my hand more often. So if your only considering the JPG for the "comfort" of a shoulder bag, than I would stick with the classic birkin.
  10. I love my JPG!!! But..... if I had an infant to consider... I'm not sure. I love the look of the JPG and I have several Hermes accessories in mine. I have carried Chanel bags for along time, so I don't find my JPG heavy. There again if I had a baby to carry also, I don't think I would choose the JPG because of the size (40cm). I would choose a 30cm Birkin and carry it on my arm and choose a bag for the baby to carry on my shoulder.
  11. I'm not a fan of VB but I thought a picture of a packed bag says more than words.
  12. I realize that we ALL want a Birkin, because really, it's a Birkin!
    But I have a possible solution...what about a Victoria FT that you can buy now and probably wear comfortably on your shoulder. It's capacious, it has zippers, it's gorgeous, and it sits easily on most shoulders (some members here even use it as a diaper bag!!). It's also about half the price of a Birkin, so you could enjoy using your Victoria for the entire time you are saving (re-saving?) for your Birkin. And maybe your little one will be toddling by the time you can get the Birkin, so then you won't quite need both hands free at all times.
    Just a thought! I can be practical sometimes.
  13. Thanks for all the useful info :yes:. I think that I will get the size 30 birkin. Since the waiting lists are so long by the time I get my birkin, my son will be a toddler - so it will be easier to handle him and a birkin:nogood:

    Will continue to research on the colours & leathers available.
  14. Good Choice.
  15. Like everyone else said, the JPG's handles are OK for the shoulder, but I liked the point about the Kelly bag. It really is convenient, the handle on the top makes it versatile and easy to grab in a rush. But the 30 Birkin is a great choice since it's a bit smaller and hopefully lighter. Good point about the waiting list! I guess you could just put it on the stroller and not have to carry it! Good luck!