Regular Batignolles vs. Horizontal

LV Love

Sep 1, 2006
Please help me decide!! I just looked through the entire Batignolles club trying to decide between the two :drool:. I know i'm definitely getting one of these models but not sure which one I like better! I have tried on all three at the boutique before, and ruled out BV since it made me look shorter.
I want this to be worn as a shoulder bag, I know the regular is mostly used as a handheld and it DOES look cute worn on the crook of the arm. It does fit me as a shoulder bag, but its a lot smaller than BH!

I am 5'6" and 105 lbs so my problem is that the BH might make me look way too skinny. It did seem a bit wide when I went in to try the bags on although I am into big bags! BUT the regular won't hold nearly as much as BH (no laptops, magazines, etc.) which defeats the purpose of my getting this bag :crybaby:

I just injured my knees falling very hard this weekend so I won't be able to go into the boutique anytime soon. I would really appreciate your responses, and perhaps if someone can post more pics of the regular being worn on the shoulder that might help me out!

Thanks in advance, soooo much.
I wish you luck with your choice. I think the BH woould be better for your needs, it sounds.:yes:
I hope your knee feels better. I just banged mine up badly as well, and the nights are tough as it stiffens up.
Good luck with your choice!:flowers:
Hi there, I have both the reg batignolles and the horizontal. The reg does not fit me shoulder at all, but Im 5"3in. and 115lbs. I think you should go for the BH since bigger bags are in, plus its just so handy to have a tote bag to lug things around in. Check out the visual aids, there are tons there. Sandra "yeuxhonettes" (Sp???) Is really skinny too but shes got the BH. Have you considered the popincourt haut??? Its a bit smaller than the BH if you want a smaller bag
i have the Batignolles Horizontal, and it's a really great bag. since you can carry it on your shoulder you can have your hands free for shopping and doing other things. plus it's really roomy so it can carry a lot
Go for the Horizontal. I'm 5"3 (won't bother to tell you my weight!) and I love it! So useful and I can also carry some work files in it. You can spread out the contents in your BH versus in a BV. I just ordered a large Purseket to organize my BH even though I carry most of my stuff in LV accessory bags. I use to love the Speedy (have 3 of them), but now the BH is my #1 favorite of all my LV bags! But I still like my Speedy bags!

Note: I was a bit concerned buying an open bag like the Horizontal, but now I really love it since you can throw things into it when you're in a hurry and then organize it later. Just be careful putting the BH down because if if falls over, you'll want to make sure you check that all of your stuff is still inside the bag - especially your cell phone as that tends to slip out of the cell phone pocket if the bag falls over like on a chair or bench. I still LOVE the BH!!!!:heart:
I guess BH doesn't look all that big... I looked at more pics again, and it looks perfectly sized on Sandra and evilsuimai for example. Just on some others like Fayden it looks HUGE!! And so wide! Thanks everyone, for all the responses.
Anybody else think that the regular batignolles shape is very similar to MC audra? I am still hoping to have a white audra by Christmas, so that might also influence my decision to go with BH instead. I don't want two similar shape bags.