Regular BATIGNOLLES and small purseket

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  1. Bonjour, just some pictures to show how many things you can put into the REGULAR BATIGNOLLES. I put exactly the same in my POPINCOURT HAUT, I only change the way to put them inside.




    I always use a purseket, here the small red one (the same used in the Pop H.)
  2. wooohooo. thats a lot of things! but then its a great shoulder bag, cus it'll fit heaps of things. good for work and school! definitely.
  3. I love this bag!!!!!!!!! I personally have the BV...and so much stuff can go inside...and with the open top it's so easy to get things in and out!
  4. ^^^ you can fit this bag on your shoulder?
  5. Very nice! Thanks for posting this!
  6. No, it's a HANDbag.
    Here is a picture with me carrying it. I'm 5,7

  7. :yes:Looks Great! I have seen the pursekit on TV!
  8. which is the biggest/most roomiest out of the batignolles range? especially for uni? thanks! and are the vertical and horizontal shoulder bags or not?
  9. Vertical and Horizontal are shoulder bags. The Batignolles horizontal is a really good-looking big bag.
  10. it is a very nice bag.

  11. check here, I didnt think it would go over your shoulder,thus asking the question.

  12. Great alternative to the speedy :smile:
  13. Wow, that really does hold a lot...and your purse is so organized!
  14. Very nice!! I love the Batignolles!!
  15. Your bag is so neat. love it.