Regular Alexa - will it fit a DSLR?

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  1. Hi I've been wanting to get a Mulberry Alexa for awhile. I need to carry my DSLR with me most times and was wondering if it could fit into the regular one. I only carry wallet, keys, and cellphone other than that.
  2. What camera and glass?
  3. Canon T5i with a 50mm f/1.4 lens
  4. Hm I'm not sure about a t5i. I have a mark 2 and a 7D and a mamiya 645 ( for my personal artsy work lol) and they are all too heavy for all my regular alexas though they do like fit. But more in like the floppier bags like the buffalo oak..I have a 50mm 1.2 that's short but its too heavy for the bag. I don't use a 50 much though when I shoot outside its usually with my 24-70.. . i am mostly in studio too though so I haven't tried too hard with finding a particular bag for the camera. I shoot with a 645 DF as my main camera though I don't own it and that thing is secured in a pelican case :/ photography equipment is just so heavy the camera bag Im using now is like a leather thing I got it at a used camera show it's nice and hearty but heavy! But I get lots of compliments on it though... Good luck! It's a struggle being a cute photographer imo :sad:
  5. I feel your pain :sad: I've looked at Kelly Moore bags, but I want the Mulberry darn it! LOL I think the T5i is a teeny bit lighter than the 7D but it'll probably still be too heavy.

    Thank you for your help though! I'm in the LA area too. Live in DT, work in Century City. If I spot someone with a mulberry Alexa shooting pictures I will think it's you!
  6. Ooooo YAAAAAY we need more mulberry lovers in southern California especially photographers! I'm in Pasadena/Irvine :biggrin: so I'm always running around! I used to try to be cute with my equipment but I just got too tiered. I don't even show up cute for photoshoots anymore lol hair up head band on and workout pants because its BUSINESS lol!!!! I see a lot of cute girls with nice cameras and I'm always like how do you do that? Lol! I heard epi bags can handle it but I'm not a louis fan. Mulberry bags are just too soft and buttery for the camera abuse sadly :sad:
  7. Hi,
    I have an t3i (which weighs about the same as t5i) with that same lens, and I have no problems carrying that around in my Alexa. I usually have the regular 18-55 lens with me as well. :smile:
  8. Code:
    Same here. I have a Perspex bottom for my bag because I like to have my Canon in there too. I haven't had any problems & it's been in there since November on & off. HTH.
  9. I have a Nikon d3100 and I use a neoprene slimline case for when I'm out and about and it fits in my Alexa fine. I've just spent a few days in Vancouver and spent the whole time with it in my bag along with purse, sunglasses and a few other bits and bobs.

    Hope that helps!
  10. I believe M made camera bags in style of the Alexa but I don't think they are still in production. Perhaps you want to look for a preloved one?
  11. I think 'camera bag' is just the name of the style, that sort of square, boxy shape? They are not actually designed to hold cameras in, say, the way that the Mulberry for Apple bags were specifically designed to hold macbooks etc. Shame, I think a Mulberry-designed *actual* camera bag would be a fab idea!
  12. I think these are more for normal point and go cameras not likely to be large enough for professional cameras and accessories imo