Regular Alexa or Small Bayswater Satchel?

  1. I have both and they hold a pretty similar amount of stuff.
  2. The bag I'm looking for would be the kind of bag I could take with me when I meet friends for coffee, go to the movies etc. I already have bags to take with me to lectures and so on (I'm a student), so this one would only have to fit my wallet, cosmetic pouch, sunglasses case, a moleskine diary, phone and keys, I think.

    Trying how my things fit into the Alexa is a good idea, I hope they don't look at me funny if I ask that :biggrin:
  3. [​IMG]

    I have these both but to me the SBS is more hard wearing and than the alexa.
    Size wise they r more or less the same although the alexa is slightly spacious and bigger but having said that i wouldnt stuff the alexa too much due to its delicate nature, my recommendation ; buy both !! :lol:
  4. Ok, that's good. I see that you are from Edinburgh, do you think the Mulberry store has a good selection there?

    Thank you for the picture! They do look pretty similar in size, and lucky you to have both! I think I have to choose, but I admit, it's a slippery slope :p
  5. The Edinburgh store is a category A store so holds most if not all lines. If they don't have everything out you can ask if they have it in stock but not on display. I did this with nightshade Tillie last season, they had none out but had the full range in the stock room.
  6. I have a oz Alexa in oak and the slouchiness does bother me. Im really interested in the sbs in oak too, it's a gorgeous bag and doesn't look small at all cross body. I'm 5.8 so not that much shorter than you.
    Good luck :smile:
  7. I'm 5ft9 and tried the SBs on in Hoopers the other day - looked just right size wise. Even if an Alexa didn;t seem too slouchy at first I'd be concerned that it would soften with wear. Saying that, there is always the option of a bag liner to help you out
  8. I agree with Peregian - I find the more an Alexa is filled, the slouchier she gets. I'm not a fan of the slouchy look and have a silky snake Alexa, that's a little more structured that the regular Alexas and I do use a base liner and a bag organiser, which helps. The printed Alexas are structured.

    For me personally, the SBS - when worn crossbody or on the shoulder by the strap, I'm not too keen on the handles staying upright, so the only option for me would be handheld. There's a picture in the Celebs thread of Emma Bunton wearing her fuschia SBS and the handles are down, which I don't like either. I don't know how she did that as every SBS I've seen, the handles are very much upright on their own.
  9. Thank you Sessan15 and cllb, it's good to hear tall girls' opinions about the size!

    I think I'm concerned about the size because I bought a LV Speedy earlier this year, and based on pictures I was sure that 30 was the right size for me but when I went to the store the 30 looked just wrong on me (the SA and my BF thought so too) and I had to go with the 35, which I love, but don't really like the fact that I have to keep an organizer there all the time because it gets really slouchy.

    But I'm hoping that this type of crossbody bag would be more forgiving, size-wise, and that I wouldn't look like a giant carrying it :biggrin:
  10. I think I saw that too, and I've been wondering where do the handles go when worn crossboy, and does it look silly like that.
  11. A trip to the UK especially for Mulberry, sounds like just the kind of thing I would do! :lol:

    The SA's are usually good at letting you try your things in a bag, to see how it all fits and I'm sure they are used to it too! It's a lot of money to spend so you need to know it will be suitable for your purpose!
  12. Absolutely! Don't be shy to ask if you can put some stuff in the bag to see if it fits what you want it for - I do it everywhere and they always understand, it's just like trying on shoes. Good luck with what you choose! :smile:
  13. Alexa is a little bigger than SBS . I parted with my SBS because I found it just that little bit too small. The Alexa on the other hand is just perfect for a day bag and fits very comfortably xbody.

    As you are also taller I would definitely go for Alexa as the SBS will tend to look more like a dollie's bag

    I always use a bag liner in mine and it makes it firmer and stops the slouching;)
  14. I have done a fair bit of research before buying my latest Mulberry and yesterday I headed off to the Mulberry outlet shop in York. I toyed with the idea of buying on eBay but the nagging doubt that I might be getting a very expensive fake drove me to the shop where I would be left in no doubt at all.

    I spent 2 hours browsing their stock and tried many different styles. My final decision came down to a choice between an Oversized Alexa in beautiful cabbage green and a Small Bayswater Heritage Satchel in pheasant green. It was actually quite a tough decision but, unusually for me, I made a very decisive choice and am extremely happy.

    My decision...? The SBS Heritage and what a little beauty she is. I too am tall at 5'10" so my comments might be relevant to you. The reasons for my decision were these: 1) Cabbage green is a very full-on colour, pheasant green is much more understated - as I don't like to attract attention...I preferred the more subtle colour (which has the advantage of toning with more things). 2) The Alexa is quite large - about the same size as my Rivington. I specifically wanted a cross-body bag and this one simply didn't know where it wanted to hang! I didn't like the thought of it trailing behind me like a college kid, I didn't like it at the front banging into me when I walked and it simply didn't look right at the side. The SBS on the other hand just fell into place the minute I tried her on - she looked good at my side and it felt as if she belonged there! 3) The top handle on the Alexa is fastened to the top flap of the bag whereas the handles on the SBS are of course fitted to the body of the bag front and back. This means that you just can't open the Alexa easily if you carry it on your forearm. No such issues with the SBS and the bag remains upright when opened in this way. 4) I prefer the security of having 2 handles fixed to the body on the SBS - just one top handle on the larger Alexa didn't somehow seem sufficient! 5) I had the feeling that the Alexa would slouch considerably when filled (I realise some like this) and preferred knowing that the SBS would not lose her shape - I always know that she is going to sit happily by my side just as she did in the shop. 6) The leather on the SBS feels very substantial and hard-wearing. If I treat her with Collonil once a month I feel confident she will keep her shape and her colour no problems. I think the Alexa would need more looking after. 7) As I was looking for a constant companion who would be at my side every day for the next few years, I chose the SBS for durability, practicality and the way she hangs by my side so comfortably. On top of that the Heritage Edition gives her just a little bit extra in terms of looks.

    I am the hardest person in the world to please and spend many weeks agonising over the smallest decisions. But this was a relatively easy one and I really am delighted. I certainly made the right decision for me :smile:
  15. In that case, you sound like my kind of gal! :biggrin: We do have a Mulberry store in my country as well, but it's kind of far from where I live, and I also like to buy bags from abroad: they always bring back nice memories when I'm carrying them, and what would be a better place to buy Mulberry than the UK!

    I must admit, I am a bit shy about asking the SAs about that kind of stuff since English is not my first language but I promise to get over myself because you both are right, it's important to know I'll be getting the right bag for me.