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Regular Alexa nightshade silky snake vs black soft buffalo

Which Alexa?

  • Regular Alexa nightshade silky snake

  • Regular Alexa black soft buffalo

Results are only viewable after voting.


May 24, 2012
Hi all. I'm about to pull the trigger on one of the above bags, but wanted to see what you all think. I'm leaning strongly towards the silky snake, but I am second guessing myself. The only place I could find it, it is full price with high import duties and postage :sad: - so I need to be really sure it is the one and that it isn't prone to imperfections - returning it is not really an option. I also have another nightshade bag arriving soon - so wanted to make sure that this colour is as versatile as I think as I've never seen it IRL. Any and all opinions are very welcome. :biggrin:
Jan 14, 2012
Sorry you're talking to three silky snake nightshade owners here, so I am biased!

However, I can understand your concerns about a bag "prone to imperfections" as sending it back from Australia not being an option and having heard concerns about the "peeling" on the silky snake. I would go with your heart.

On a random off chance - I know Mulberry UK stores don't ship abroad but does anyone know whether House of Fraser does?

Another option - you can try calling Harrods and see if they have it in stock at all and they definitely ship abroad (having said that, I know they do online but I'm not sure about in store...I would have thought they do).

Silky snake is beautiful! The colour is versatile and it's a beautiful alternative to a black bag.

The SS is a little more structured than the buffalo black. The black will become slouchy quickly and from what I hear, if will take a long time for the SS to become slouchy. I think someone mentioned that after three months of every day use, theirs has just started to slouch. It's individual preference - some like their bags slouchy and some don't.

Good luck, hun, I feel your dilemna!! :hugs:


Jan 4, 2012
Another vote for silky snake!...now why do I feel like we're ganging up on Bethanh..? ;) Seriously I got mine early on when everyones so worried about peeling etc. I took the chance and I had no reason to regret that decision. She's so pretty! The only downside is that she gets more attention than me :girlwhack:


May 24, 2012
Thank you all. I am definitely leaning towards it.

Just wanted to find out how rigid it is - the new printed leather Alexas are not for me as I like a bit of slouch in them.

And I need to decide if 2 nightshade blue mulberries is excessive. Saying that I live in jeans and rarely wear anything but trainers.

If anyone has any advice, speak now, or forever hold your peace! :biggrin: