regretting violet city...i think?!

  1. as you all know i've been searching for the violet day rh for a while. I've contacted BalNY, Barneys, NM and Aloharag - it's either the waitlist is too long or the custom fee with AR will cost me close to $500 CDN : (

    To make the long story short, I had a momentary lapse of judgement and decided to just get the Violet City RH (i was not even considering the city!), because it was readily available...but after 'stalking' the Day group, i've decided that it is really the DAY that I really want.

    so, what should I do...keep the City, at least I'd have something Violet should I not secure myself a Violet Day OOOOORRRR return the City and continue my search for the DAY.

    my heart tells me that I know the answer, but some reassurance will be great!

  2. If you ask them to mark the bag as gift and decrease the value on the shipping tag you shouldn't pay any customs. AR are used to doing that for their international customers.
  3. I say keep searching for the Day if that is really what you want... one thing I've learned about Bbags is NEVER "settle" for anything less than what you want coz you eventually end up getting it in the end! dont get the city just coz its available... if you wait and search for it, you'll love it even more in the end when you finally do get it (and you will trust me!)... good luck!
  4. AR do reduce the value so you don't have to pay much in customs. I am also in Canada and it makes a big difference with me too.
  5. go for the day if that is what you love. call aloha rag, they are great about shipping internationally.
  6. I just purchased a violet Day RH from AR today - I believe they may now have only 2 left...go for the DAY:tup:
  7. yes, def go for the day if you are having second thoughts about the city. just get the city in another color later down the road when you see one you love. good luck! :tup::heart:
  8. i agree...never settled for one you like but rather wait for one you :heart:!! i would still put my name on the wait list, who might get lucky!! or call AR and see if the can mark pkg as gift.

  9. better call 'em!
  10. If your hearts not in it, let it go and get the one your really want. It's too much money to spend, to not be thrilled with what you got!
    It's going to be decision time soon for me as well. My Violet RH City is stunning and definitely a brighter purple than the Eggplant City I had. But I just don't know if I will use it enough to justify keeping it, when I have my other (BG Pink, Magenta, 05 Turq, 04 Turq, & 05 Metallic Pink) more vibrant bags to choose from. I am just finishing making a pretty braided accessory for it, that has BG Pink and White in it, and with the gemstones I am hoping it will brighten the bag and appeal to me more. But if I don't use it, it's gonna have to go! I am on the waitlist for a Violet First, so maybe a smaller Violet is a better idea for me.
    Keep us posted, and let's see pics of what you get!
  11. I would wait and get the bag you really want. I feel for the mistake of settling for a black Bbag that was on sale but I ended up buying the one I really wanted anyway but now I am stuck ...must sell the other one.
  12. Shop_Princess, where did you find a violet city rh? I am currently looking for one. Thanks!
  13. If you want a day then you should get that!! No point in having something you dont like! Sell your city, to get funds for your day!!

    You are lucky to get the city! Aloha rag just emailed me and I had my name down, by the time i had emailed my details to them the whole shipment had already gone! =(
  14. Oh dear! I'm so sorry you feel this way, but I think that you should really go for the Day. You may regret it even more if you keep the City and give up on the Day that your heart desires! Good luck, I'll keep my eyes peeled for one for you!
  15. Donate TO Me.. Haa... if its me i'd keep it.. U might grow to like it in future.. Who koes right?!!