Regretting Purchase

  1. T_T I bought a Gucci Horsebit Clutch from the Gucci outlet by charge send but once I got my bag I regret getting it. =*(
    The bag itself is REALLY cute but I just realized I don't like using bags that can't fit a wallet and I have no wallet to go in this clutch bag. :crybaby:
    I was thinking I should return it but then the fact that outlet purchases are final sale ran through my mind. :tdown:
    Do you guys think I should just sell it?
    Boo I should've taught myself how to sell on eBay.
  2. Sorry you don't like it. I'd try selling it. If you don't want to do it on eBay then maybe try on this forum? Not sure how it works (since I don't qualify yet). I think it's called the "marketplace"
  3. Gucci doesn't really hold its value well. I had trouble selling one of my bags cos I was making a big loss and couldn't bear to relist for less. That being said one of the bags I bought during the sale which I changed my mind about sold for exactly what I paid for it. But that being said I reckon you might get more than what you paid for it as the horsebit clutch is a very popular style. I myself would kill for one... :drool:

    If you do a good listing, you should sell it easy. Try not to use flash. Take the photos in light sunlight. Take good clear photos of the serials and other marking, close up of the canvas, dustbag and you'll be right. All the best!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'd sell it on the MP but i havent qualified to sell there yet either.
    Also I don't want to make profit off the bag being able to sell it for the price i paid would make me happy enough.
    -BTW-Anyone know where I can see good tutorials on how to sell on eBay? I've bought on ebay before but not viceversa. >.<
  5. I am sure there would be something to help you out on the eBay forums. I personally haven't looked through it though.
  6. When I sell I always put out a lot of pictures and I write a detailed description. I try my hardest to PR what I'm selling and it usually ends up really good.

    GL on selling it, im sure someone will wind up very happy. I, myself just love the style. :smile:
  7. I would try selling it before I would just sit w/ a bag I was unhappy with. Didn't know the outlet would ship either...
  8. I am so so sorry you dont enjoy it.
  9. I love my horsebit clutch.. I often get compliments on it. Especially from Gucci SA's. Are you sure you don't want to reconsider and try it out? It is a bit small for a regular wallet but I usually put cards in that little pocket and have my money loose in the main compartment. Or sometimes I use my coach mini skinny as a wallet. When I go out, I can fit my cell phone, Digital Camera, lip gloss, small lotion and money and cards in there.

    It's up to you but I just didn't want you to give up such a great bag. But then again, it's not great if you don't find a use for it. Good Luck with your decision.
  10. ^I love yours the best. You have the one with the cream trim don't you? I would seriously kill for one of those.
  11. I agree with kavnadoo - mssmelanie i love your clutch, when did this style come out?

    I also purchased the mono clutch from the outlet. You can get a small card holder to put your credit cards/money in and stick it in there....since it is more of an evening bag:smile:
  12. kavnadoo / sweet - Thanks so much. It was actually my first Gucci bag. I got it in Spring 2005.

    Aesthetic - I still think the horsebit clutch is a fabulous Gucci bag.. I love the horsebit hardware. I almost sold it as well but I'm glad I did not.
  13. ^Drool drool drool....... I just started a new thread:

    The Horsebit Clutch Club. Post your pics and join!!!

    You should start it off! ;) I love your bag so much more 1 cos of the cream trim and 2 cos of the shiny hardware. I am not a big fan of the brushed metallic look.
  14. try to enjoy your bag! i would kill for a horsebit clutch. use it for several weeks, you'll never know. it might grow on you!
  15. thanks everyone for your replies. I for some reason couldn't manage holding onto it thinking the longer i let it sit it would become a "used" handbag if i tried to sell it later one so i went ahead and listed it on ebay. its actually sold now and i hope the new owner appreciates it more than i do. Thanks to everyone though for all the opinions and advice!!~