Regretting buying tobacco

  1. I bought the tobacco and now i wish i had got the gold bowler - i have not recieved it yet so maybe i will love it when i see it? anybody else feellike this?:sad:
  2. i hope you will love it when you see it IRL. i don't have one, but i've been wanting it esp. with such great deal at NAP!
  3. I got one from the NAP sale, as soon as I opened my box I knew it was a mistake, the bag just didnt rock my boat. I returned it.
  4. Aw, wait till you receive it. When you see it you may love it! If not, just return it. It's not likely it's the last chance you will have to get a gold bowler on sale. I'm sure they will turn up again if you still want one!
  5. When did you return it Sophie ?
    And why didn't you love it ?
    I got the dove but wonder if i keep it or not.:confused1:
    Finaly i would better have the tobacco.
  6. When I received my Tobacco Paddy, I loved it instantly. If you don't like it when it arrives, you can always just return it. It's such a pretty color!!
  7. i love it too.....
  8. Does NAP put returns back on the site for sale? Does anyone know how to catch one when they do?
  9. I just contacted" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter and they also said that they will soon be receiving new colors as part of their "cruise collection".
  10. I love my tabacco paddy. I wore it yesterday for the first time. :wlae:
  11. I don't think they'll be going on sale very soon.. :P
  12. the tobacco pics all look great, i hope you will love it!
  13. dear ladies:

    i've got all 3 (as said before, i am a socker for a sale)...

    this is how i feel:
    gold: for more special occasion.
    tobacc: i only have a prada in brown and also this is a HOT color for this winter
    mousse: i've seen other pf member's picture and fall in-love with it because it is such a year-round color

    although i am a purse addict, but still rational when it comes to a 'good deal' and practical too. sales like this this does not come this early in the year; usually after chrismas, when 50% off happens and you will get left-over after fighting with a large general public...

    if you still does not want it, maybe see if nap can reserve it for the pf members after you return it, so other friends of ours can get it instead as i know few ladies would really want to have an aubergine, tobacco or mousse!!!

    hope thses info helps you all (owners of tobacco, mousse, or aubergine) that are having 2nd thoughts....
    enjoy the weekend,
  14. i also have the tobacco, mousse and the aubergine.
    i love the tobacco. if you don't just return it and im sure someone here will like it!
    have a nice weekend!
  15. dear lynnix:
    oh my, we have the same taste or are we just suckers for sales?