Regretting already

  1. HI all - I'm new here - won my first Kooba Sienna off of eBay - it's white with the gold whipstiching -

    Now that I've won it .. I'm worried about the color - I intended to wear it often but curious on how hard it is to keep clean -

    Do any of you ladies wear your light colored Koobas with no worries?

    I have so many dark colored purses - that the dark is sort of boring me - I needed something to brighten things up for me. Yet, there's a part of me kicking myself for making the purchase on something I may not use often. I hate my purses just sitting in the closet for months -

    Anyhow - just wanted to see what your experiences were with white/light Kooba purses that you owned or have owned. Did you hate it? Was it a pain? :confused1:
  2. I had an Ivory Sienna that I bought off eBay and recently re-sold. It just wasn't me. I think that if you treated the bag w/ Wilsons TLC very, very well you might be okay. I carry an white Hayden Harnett daily and treated it w/ TLC and no marks at all and that leather is a lot softer and bangs up easier than Kooba, IMO.
  3. I have a white Nishia that I wore all last summer without treating it, now it's banged up and I might send it to lovinmybags to get fixed up. It also got kind of yellowed from the sun.

    Wilson's leather protector is what the girls on here told me to use.

    I have an Ivory Sienna that I've never used-- and the previous owner never used-- that I've been agonizing about selling. I had it out the other day and it is so gorgeous I can't part with it, so I'm going to spray it with Wilson's and hope for the best.
  4. My ivory sienna has denim jeans stains along the bottom and I have no idea how to get them out.
  5. I have two ivory Koobas. One I don't use and one I do (ivory Sienna). The ivory leather is delicate and you do have to baby it a bit. It tends to pick up smudges and color transfer but, hey, you don't want to keep that bag forever do you? So, spray it with Wilson's, use it and enjoy it. Then get another bag down the road when this one wears out.
  6. I have 3 Ivory Koobas, with my fave being the Sienna..

    I think if you come to the realization it's not a "forever bag", but a bag you have for a few years..just wear it, enjoy it and when it gets too dirty or worn, it might be time to lay it to rest and say goodbye...and then you can look back with fond memories and remember how fabulous you looked together, how much fun it was and how good it made you feel..a bit like a great holiday fling, LOL
  7. The best advice EVER! I especially love the "...and remember how fabulous you looked together."

    Peeking - enjoy that bag! :yes:
  8. I have a cream Sienna. I sprayed it liberally with Wilson's leather protector (I gave it several coats, instead of just two as I do with my other leather bags). I also got some of the Lovin' My Bags cleanser to use for touch-ups when it gets smudges. That actually has been working pretty well for me. It definitely is higher maintenance than some of my other bags, but it has been worth it so far.