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  1. Are there any items that you regret purchasing? :graucho: Not to sound negative but it is annoying when you spend $$$ and end up with something you don't love so this is just an outlet for those lessons learned the hard way!

    I saw posts of people loving their Jimmy Choo shoes. I have the Abel pump in 100mm and absolutely regret purchasing it. They look great but I bought it as a wear-to-work pair but they are awful too walk in.:frown:
  2. Your Abel 100 pumps I'm curious to know why they are awful to walk in ? In store last month I was going to buy a pair also as wear to work shoes but having wide feet " bunion joints " I found as I walked in the store in them I found myself tilting in onto my big toe joints in them and decided at the time to think about it before purchasing and regretting it , so my question is was this happening when you wear yours or somthink different ?
  3. Hi, when I tried in store they felt good. It's only when I started walking around when I felt the issues - it feels tight in the toes and after few minutes the arch starts to feel the strain. I recently used the shoe stretcher spray to stretch it a bit. I wore it to work today and survived, so making it work.

    I went to JC store recently and they have redesigned shoes from Abel to Romy. Apparently with wider toes. Did you try the 85mm? 85mm in the new style seems to be much better than 100mm and the height difference is not that much, just half an inch.
  4. Hi I have only window shopped recently so to know they have redesigned the Abel to Romy is interesting, I haven't tried the 85 mm but I think now I will be scheduling in a shoe shopping morning and will ask to try the Romy
    Must admit when I tried the Abel on I did not even think my feet was going to fit into the toe box but with a pop sock on I did manage , I gather you probley have quite normal width feet ie no bunion bumps etc ?
  5. Yes, normal feet. Not narrow though - maybe a teeny bit wide.

    I have read lot of comments saying JC are most comfortable shoe women have but no idea which style they're wearing. I suspect 85mm. My Valentinos are way more comfortable than JC.
  6. I swear by my JC Agnes heels, they are 85mm. They are the most comfortable heel ever! So I believe the 85mm style is the style a lot of women refer to being the most comfortable :smile:
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  7. Thanks for sharing! Wish I had gotten 85. Will try it next time! :smile:
  8. U just need the right jc shoes. My first pair was disastrous . My 2nd pair is perfect!
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  9. I've got an Abel 100mm, wide feet - like they look like elephant feet in flats. I would say they are quite comfy for the height. I wouldn't stand in them for hours, but I can walk from the car to the restaurant and walk around/stand around the restaurant with no issues.
  10. Last year I purchased a beautiful pair of tall black suede boots to replace an older pair that had worn out.
    The shaft is SO NARROW that I can't even zip them up. BTW I don't have large calves.
    I took the beautiful boots to a shoe specialist for stretching and was told, "boots too expensive, too scared"....
  11. 8332497_fpx.jpg I regret purchasing these Ferragamo riding boots.

    ·These boots were hands down the most excruciatingly uncomfortable shoes I have ever tried. Stretching them didn't help. I couldn't believe that flat boots with traction could be this uncomfortable. They were a $1000 mistake.
  12. That's a shame, but I'm right there behind you, not with boots but 2 pair of Ferragamo flats--never again-raw toes are too much to bare. Sometimes I wonder how this brand stays in business.
  13. I agree. I don't understand it either. I also have problems with these ankle boots:

    The metal logo is not covered by leather on the inside and it digs into my ankle. Of course, this was not noticeable in the store. I use sticky pads to cover the metal logo, so at least I can wear them. Even though I love the classic Ferragamo styles, I just don't trust their shoes anymore.
    Sorry to hear about the flats being uncomfortable as well.
  14. Bought these Louis Vuitton sneakers a few years ago. The leather was SO stiff that it made my feet bleed like crazy, through any pair of socks :sad: I kept wearing them to try and loosen them up but it never worked at all. Also, the bottoms were so insanely flat. Now I never ever wear them, and I can't even sell them because the inside of the heels are stained red from blood lol... super gross. I really wanted the Gucci Ace sneakers but when I tried them on, they felt similar to these, so I said no way! 41b9b00f9084483defec5e31001863f6.jpg
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  15. Get the Gucci Ace! They are super comfortable. Next to my Golden Goose they are the most comfortable.