1. I turned down 2 offers for birkins a couple of weeks ago. And I'm having serious regrets still. How long does it take to get over it.I think about these bags day and nite.I know I can share this with you gals.Everyone I personally know would say I need to be in a looney bin!!! Does any one have any regret stories they would like to share,about the ones that they let get away?:flowers:
  2. Did you turn down the Birkins because they weren't what you're looking for? If so, you've made the right choice. Trust me, you'll regret it even more if you ended up settling.
  3. Hi k I turned them down because they were that new leather vache legee. and I already have a kelly in that .
  4. Don't worry, some more will come along. I think it's okay if you have several bags in the same type of leather. I mean, i love exotics so i definitely don't mind having tons of bags in the same exotic leather
  5. thanks Kou:girlsigh:
  6. I do! I regret getting my BJ Birkin in a size 35cm I shouls have gotten it in 30cm, Oh how I wish it were a 30:crybaby: anyone wanna trade?
  7. :yes: i am very picky and yeah sometimes i wish i wasn´t but in the end i know for sure that a bag which is not 100% to my liking won´t make happy and wonßt be carried. so wait for something you truly fall in love with
  8. This is a great thread because I'm worried about regrets too. I have been offered 3 Kellys that were all lovely but none in the perfect leather/color combo. I still think about each one (and it's been months!) and worry I made the wrong decision, but Kou's words help remind me that I'd regret it even more if I had bought them. If they were less expensive, I surely would have had all 3.
  9. I can only say one thing:

    The best comes to those who wait.

    So when the time comes you will not regret it :smile:
  10. I am kind of regretting that I decided not to buy 1)white lizard constance with ruthenium ( I regret REALLY a lot), and 2) somewhat regretting about letting it go of black croc. Kelly (but I am still not sure if I would like it with gold HW even though I am kind of sad that I had to let go of that chance...But I am very sure I would be even more sad if I don't like that croc. Kelly after spending $$$$. So, it is like 50%happy to let go of it b/c it is a WRONG combination, and 50% sad to let go b/c it is a CROC. KELLY) 3) THE MATER PIECE of BLACK CROC. DIAMOND BIRKIN!!!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: But I know it is much better to let go now, and order on later... So, I am trying to repress it.
    4)And 28cm Talassa blue Ostrich Kelly with palladium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still kicking myself about it:yucky: :hysteric: .
  11. aspen do not regret letting the croc kelly go. imagine you had bought it and now the same kelly poppes up but with palladium ! what would you do then? get the gold black croc later my dear you are still young :flowers:
  12. Yes, I know... THE ONLY reason I am still thinking about is because it was Croc. That croc. Kelly had really wrong combination for me....sort of like grandma's bag with gold HW on black Croc. IMO....
  13. Aspen, wait for palladium!!! More croc will come along. And you have such FAB bags to play with in the meantime.
  14. toonie, I know that feeling. I turned down 32's Kelly in black when the SA called me the first time but the Kelly wasn't what I wanted at that time. It Birkin that I wanted. I am glad I waited because now I have the Birkin I love and will cherish her for a long long time.

    I took me probably two weeks to get over that feeling but think about the reward at the end when you finally find your dream love!
  15. I sort of regret cancelling an SO for a Turquoise Chevre Mysore Birkin 30/silver HW. =( But then again, I don't think the color is for me.