1. I regret not grabbing the playground cangurino in Macy's last summer...more recently, I regret not buying the really nice playground ciao on eBay for $120.

    And I regret paying so much for my inferno canguro...I love it, but....sigh.


    Any bags that in retrospect you should have bought? Not bought?
  2. there was an original stellina on eBay that didn't have the qee so i wouldn't get it..and now i'm sad.

    i'm also fighting with getting a trenino because i do travel a lot, but it's not really practical.
  3. Do shirts count?
    I regret getting the olive green bass player tee, I don't like it that much.

    I also wish my Amore BV was a zucca, but there's no way I would have found the placement I wanted.
  4. This might sound weird, but I do not regret buying or not buying anything. I think I got what I really wanted and put off what I don't really need -- so I'm set :biggrin: OK OK, maybe not. I regret buying a bambino spiaggia too soon and should have waited for a bella..but how was I to know they were coming out with bella? AHHHHHHh. Oh well. Boo hoo.
  5. i think this is going to be a soon-to-be regret. i ordered a foresta nuvola never having seen a nuvola in person. well, today i saw one and i'm not thrilled with the bag style. now, i may end up loving it, but i'm not too confident. i'll know this week.

    also, i don't call it a regret, but if i had known the pattern repeat was so short on the piratas, i would have ordered a mm instead of a bv and then got a spiaggia bv instead of a mm. make sense? i also have an AS giocco and would have loved a stellina. but i plan on using my giocco as my knitting bag, so that works out better anyway.
  6. You might love your Nuvola. I have an Inferno one I bought kind of spur of the moment- I had never really concidered it but it's one of my favorites :yes:
  7. part of the reason i thought i would like it, robotkitten, is because i saw the picture of you wearing it and you make it look so good!!!! i just don't know if i can pull it off!!!!
  8. hoot - where did you order the foresta nuvola from? And how much! I was thinking about getting one.. but really not sure about it.. pricey too :sad:
  9. I regret not getting my lamore campeggio in a stellina instead. I regret getting two ciao ciaos (paradiso & foresta) instead of waiting and now I'm seeing other styles that might work better for me! (Like a scuola!) I regret not buying an inferno stellina I had on hold a month ago at the outlet and by the time I called deciding to purchase it was gone and none have been at the outlets since! But now I have it in a campeggio and I do love it!
  10. I regretted buying a Citta Nuvola and then not liking it irl. Same thing with the Scuola. But I am so happy that I tried out my first Zucca with the Adios Star, because now Zucca is my favorite style of bag.
  11. I dont regret buying any of my bags but.. I do regret not getting more bags in the foresta print! I only have a bella and I thought I'd be satisfied but I guess not :crybaby:Turns out that foresta may be my favorite print (since its green!) but who knows? Might change my mind when trasporto comes around... flying carpet!!
  12. I don't know what I regret. I don't regret any of the purchases. I think if I had to, I regret getting a Tokidoki necklace through an eBay seller (was waaay cheaper than ordering online) because it fell out of the packaging and now is lost. However, the seller and I are working things out still. So after that issue is solved, then I'll be ok.

    Ooohh, maybe I regret not getting the mozzarella tee, but I heard there will be more later in black and white.
  13. I so regret not buying a foresta ciao when Simone was in NYC doing a signing at Bloomingdale's. I had a 15% off coupon and it had the little dragon hatchlings all over it.

    Even though I probably wouldn't have used it all that often, at least I would have something in foresta. :sad:
  14. Hoot.. let me know if you end up not liking the Foresta Nuvola..:graucho:
  15. The only thing I regret is not having a job right now to feed my addiction!