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  1. Anybody here with their first plain Love Bracelet wishing to have the diamond one ? Do you end up selling it and loose money to buy the one you like more? I m feeling so angry thinking sonner or later i have to do this and loose money! I think i did a mistake on my first love...
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  2. I bought a plain yellow gold Love when I should have bought the six diamond. I later bought the all diamond but never liked how two loves looked stacked so I sold both.
    What about getting the small love with diamonds to stack with it?
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  3. Great suggestion!!
  4. I own a plain love for over two years and I don’t regret it whatsoever. Since I don’t take it off, it’s a great everyday piece. I actually think I would regret it I bought diamond one since it would be more flashy. I feel very comfortable wearing this everywhere. Plus you can also stack it with a diamond piece on days you want more bling.
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  5. yep, got my first love which is a plain YG, really wish I invested more and got the 4 diamond instead. I don't plan on selling the plain one but I do plan on getting another with 4 diamonds.
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  6. I bought the plain in 2008. I sold it in 2018 to upgrade to the 4 diamond and 10 diamond (have both). If anything, I miss the plain one.
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  7. May I ask why you miss the plain one?
  8. My friend went with a plain one and regretted it a few months later. Shes put her plain one away so she can sell it and purchase the 4 diamond one
  9. I wore the plain yg one for years & loved it. Nothing beats the diamond ones though. The plain is classic though & iconic. It has been timeless & popular for over 2 decades.
  10. I have the Classic YG Love and love how simple, classic, and iconic it is. I don't have any desire for the one with diamonds (and I love diamonds). I wear mine with a diamond tennis bracelet.
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  11. I don't regret my plain YG at all. I love how classic it looks. I had my plain one for about 4 years until I added a thin pave love with it. I feel complete with this set.
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  12. Couple of reasons .... I had it for ten years and never should have sold it given our history together (if that doesn't sound weird), but also, I think it is the most classic and has the most charm.