Regrets--The Bags You ALMOST bought --and wish you had

  1. There are a few SHOULD-HAVES that haunt me. One was a tricolor in browns and another was a fuschia ostich kelly--had them both in my hands in boutiques and for some crazy reason did not go home with them, Do you have regrets over bags ou did not take? What about regrets for bags you DID buy and wonder why?
  2. ouch. this thread is gonna hurt.
  3. diamond croc birkin...

    yea right. :p
  4. I didn't come as close as ALMOST buying it but it's an ostrich Kelly that I perhaps could have bought. I wasn't sure I wanted an ostrich bag then as I had my heart on box calf. It was beautiful. I passed on it. It's been a long time and I haven't seen an ostrich bag!
  5. Blue Jean Kelly 32
  6. ^awww GT!!!:sad:
  7. Black box Kelly with GH 35
  8. Plume 28cm in Raisin Chevre de Coromandel with silver palladium hardware.
  9. Birkin 35 in bleu roi ostrich. It was shortly after I got my first Birkin, and I just couldn't afford it. I remember returning the SA's call while I was at work. I was in a room with other people and desperately trying to avoid saying the word "ostrich" which of course I had to at some point and I think there was dead silence and then snickers when I left the room.
  10. 28 raisin box plume

    and I also had a 35 chocolate box birkin with PH in my hands later that week... and I passed on it.

    They've both been mildly haunting me ever since.
  11. Raisin Box and Black box (3x actually) with GH ! :sad::push:
  12. a black box/vibrato 32 kelly with PH - so rare and different. it was a toss up between that and a chocolate box sellier 32 kelly....eventually grabbed the chocolate one!

    i wish i got both! boohoo........
  13. Black 35cm crocodile kelly with GH:crybaby: I thought at the time it was overpriced, and my exotic phase hadn't yet totally sunk in.
  14. Shopmom's marine and toile vintage Kelly. I was too slow, and she beat me to it!!!!! LOL!!!!