Regrets, regrets, regrets. Didn't get my dream Kelly when I had a chance!!!

  1. Have you ever lost a chance on getting your dream bag and have regrets about it later??

    I saw a kelly in orange which I love couple of months ago, :love: but I didn’t get close to it. At the time, I thought it was not practical for my lifestyle since I don’t like hand held only bags in general and it was too expensive! But what I didn’t realize back then was that it costs at least $2000 less than if I had gotten it in the States and that Kelly comes with a shoulder strap!!! :wtf: I wish I had at least looked at it closely to see if it had the hardware that I like. I knew nothing about leather and stitching style then. On the other hand, maybe that would just make me feel even worse. :throwup: I really don’t think I will get that lucky again. Sigh!!!

    I have learned a lot about Kelly since then from all you wonderful pfers and I regret so much now for not buying it when I had a chance, even though my husband would have had a heart attack for buying 2 hermes bags on the same day!! :lecture:

  2. Hermes Princess,

    There is an orange box calf kelly on eBay. A very reputable reseller.

    I was just about to post that myself!
  3. i don't know, what sticks out to me is that you didn't get close to it. maybe don't dwell on what ifs (what if it had looked good on me, what if i had liked it) because it sounds like you don't actually know the answers for sure. i've never met a kelly that didn't look beautiful on the shelf! :flowers:
  4. weren't addicted yet. Now that you are, you can make a more informed decision the next time you encounter a H-bag. ;)
  5. ^^ Agree! You'll get many more chances on great deals so hang in there, atleast now you know a little more about Hermes!
  6. No regrets....don't go there. That's my moto because there have been many I've passed on and then thought twice about after the fact.....and then you know what? Something else more wonderful comes along!!! And, at the right time! Timeing is everything, HP. Honestly. Everything happens when it's supposed to......just keep your eyes peeled, have patience and with the new knowledge your acquiring, you will find your perfect Hermes bag.
  7. ^indeedo! :yes: :yes:
  8. I totally agree with Shopmom. Another bag will come along that will be YOURS. Don't look back.
  9. Ditto what everyone has said.....another will come along:yes:
  10. ^ yup, and a BETTER one!
  11. Thank you Scarlett, Bagg, Fesdu, Hello and Isus for your encouragement. I appreciate it. :yes:

    MrsS- Thanks for the tip. I love box leather but I go nuts when my bags get scratches on them. :cursing: I think I’ll be better off with something like Togo in 32cm.

    HH- I didn’t bother looking at the Kelly closely because I wanted to get a messenger style bag that would suit a mom perfectly if I decide to become one. I am getting way way up there, it’s either soon or never!!! So I ended up with a Massai instead. But had I known Kelly comes with a shoulder strap…….. :crybaby:

    Oh btw, I love your cacahuete, c’est tres chic. :tender:

    Shopmom- Those are the exact words I needed to hear. Thank you!!! Even though I don’t know you or HH personally but from your posts, I could tell both of you are wonderful people with great insights. :flowers:

    GT- I sure hope you are right. Just got a fax from my SA at Mothership last night saying I have to be there in person to get a Kelly……. We’ll see if I get lucky again, keeping my fingers crossed!!! :P
  12. I have the same experience with you. I decided to visit in the Hermes store in Indonesia while I'm there and on the shelf, displayed a vibrato kelly in red. The size is big but it's beautiful. I almost wanted to buy then but looking at the size, I decided not to get it. Now, it's difficult to get vibrato birkins or kellys. I regret it so much.
  13. Ditto, no regrets...your dream bag will come. If it's meant to be yours, it will find its way to you one way or another...meanwhile you can make use of the time to really decide which color/leather/size/model suits you best :smile:
  14. Thank you misspiggy!!! :flowers:

    Dior, maybe the size really wasn't right for you. :yes: That Vibrato Kelly Hello showed us is really yummy. Hope you'll find yours soon! :biggrin: