Regrets on silver h/w Flaps?

  1. anyone regretting on getting the silver hardware on flaps?everyone seem to like the silver now. does it really look much better than the gold now?(which i thought is the original look chanel bags have.) When did chanel started using the silver? thanks;)
    (sorry for the newbie's questions:confused1:)
  2. i personally like the silver hardware. almost all my bags have silver hardware and i love it. :love: i don't think anyone regrets any particular hardware.
  3. I have silver hardware for all my bags and have no regrets. Personally silver hardware works better for me.
  4. i've got bags with silver hw and with gold hw, its good to have a nice mix of both IMO. no regrets with either colour!
  5. No regrets here either. :smile: All of my flaps (with the exception of my coral medium caviar flap) have silver h/w, and while I love gold h/w, silver just happens to be my h/w preference with all of my various flaps. :heart:
  6. Hi, just my 2 cents' worth. For me (personal preference again), it depends on the colour of the bag itself. E.g. for white flap, I'd prefer gold h/w; whereas i like silver h/w for black flaps.:heart:

    Hope this helps!;)
  7. I agree with babevivtan about the color as a deciding factor.

    Got a question, is the silver hw sterling silver? And the gold hw gold plated??
  8. All my Chanel bags have silver hardware. I don't care for the gold hardware at all, no matter what color the bag. But you have to get what you like. Nothing wrong with gold, I just don't care for it myself.
  9. No regrets here. I wear silver jewelry and love the whole look of my black bag with silver hardware and a nice black outfit with silver accessories...on the other hand I do have a beige Chanel that I think looks awesome with the gold hardware.
  10. Never, I absolutely love my black jumbo with SH!!
  11. Most of my bags have the SH. I have a couple with gold. I think that some bags look better in gold and some in silver. It's just a personal choice.

    I'm not sorry for the silver, I carry that mostly.
  12. Most of my Chanels are with silver HW, I do have one flap with Gold HW, I love them all.... it's really all down to personal preference, as both HW look equally beautiful!
  13. silver hw is lovely :smile: why regret it?
  14. I love my silver h/w too. IMO it's more hip than the gold one... just my 2 cents...
  15. No regrets - all my Chanels are silver HW. Looks more modern and fits with my coloring better. I think gold looks okay on some people, but it's too mature looking for me.