Regrets on a Fake???

  1. OK LADIES!!! Here´s the scenario....

    Youve been saving up to buy the Epi Zippy $600 but in two ocassions, you end up buying either a bag for this price, or paying a bit more for another model you might like....

    I found the Epi Zippy for $80. that was pretty amazing.

    Ive never bought a fake...OF ANYTHING. How bad is remorse/regret after buying a fake? I mean...its just a wallet....right???:confused1:
  2. ewww no, a fake is a fake. Just buy a real one.
  3. Um, I think your gonna get a lot of strong opinions on this. No one here likes fakes.
  4. well 80$ doesn't give me much remorse, but 500$+ does which happened to me the 1st time I bought on eBay thinking that the item was authentic. I've let it go, but since then I've learned that luxury is not cheap and therefore I NEVER buy from eBay or any other second hander anymore.
  5. You just threw $80 in the toilet.

  6. thats what i was thinking. I'd rather use that 80 dollars for something useful. Fakes are disgusting :tdown:
  7. Yes it's just a wallet but it's Illigal.
    It is a complete waste of $80 it will be no where near The quality of a real Louis Vuitton.
    Please don't buy fakes it's really bad!
    You will get strong opinions as Traci said we on tpf are very Loyal to our authentic bags
    and don't care for fakes at all.
  8. duh- this is *not* the place to ask this question?

    It's kind of an insult to those who do save up the money for the real thing!
  9. For $80 you could buy a nice wallet on its own right instead of a fake. What's the point of a fake? No one here is going to give you any support, sorry.
  10. think about it: why do you want an epi wallet? the answer of course is because it is a beautiful piece of LV.

    therefore a fake, even if it is only 80 bucks, completely defeats the point. you will kick yourself later.
  11. i would take the 80 bucks and get something coach if i couldnt get an lv that way you'd have a designer piece thats nice but wouldnt be supporting child labor and illegal activity.
  12. I would have rather spent the 80$ on a nice isabella fiore or something.
    Fake is fake, doesnt matter what it is.

    the only things we should be buying fake is our *BQQBS* and or hair extentions.
  13. Supports criminal activity. and the people who commit the crimes of creating fake bags are not limiting themselves to just that illegal activity, who knows what other activities/business they're running. Do not give them money.
  14. i think you might as well go buy an $8 wallet from Target. its most likely better quality and its not FAKE! I always tell people i work with that will buy fakes that i would rather carry a $15 purse from Target/Walmart than carry a FAKE LV.

    Fakes are never good. PLUS people can tell they are fake, would you want someone to spot your FAKE wallet and think your real purses are fake also?

  15. lmao boobs and hair ext hahaha. I have those already, minus the hair extensions lol