Regrets about magenta?

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  1. Any of you who had magenta and sold it have regrets????
  2. Sooooooooo sorry, this is awful when you sell a bag and wish you had not. I did that with a Fendi Petrol blue spy I had, I got another but its not the same:crybaby:
  3. I've had that happen with other bags, but for me, Magenta was really not my color.
  4. Not my Magenta B but I had regrets selling my other bag. :lecture:
  5. I regret not buying it when I had the chance <grrr>
  6. I sold my magenta first a while back and have had no regrets at all. The color just wasnt for me.
  7. I was about to sell my greige city. I had regrets and pulled it down before it sold. I took another look at the marbling and color and thought I might not find another that looked quite the same. So I guess there definitely would be people who sold a unique color and could not find another the same -- or had to pay more to replace it after having seller's remorse.
  8. Yes! I do sometimes regret selling my bordeaux twiggy; but at least I know she went to an excellent home!!
  9. welp, i've never had a magenta b-bag (although the thought has crossed my mind many times :P )...but the one i've missed most of all is my miss rouille first (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) :crybaby:

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  10. Yes!!! I have owned 5 magenta city's and I'm on my second work. I still regret selling my magenta make up clutch... I admit it...I am a magenta addict :love:
  11. Hey don't worry AAA, Miss Rouille is being well cared for ;)

    I had a Magenta Purse - sold it - regreted selling it - bought another :wtf:
  12. i almost sold my magenta city. i had an option to let go magenta or pictachio, although people said that i should keep the pistachio because it's rarer, i eventually kept my magenta, and not intending to sell it anytime soon :P
    it's so pretty & brighten my mood when i wear it!