Regreting my choice:o(

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  1. i
  2. What is it that you're regretting?
  3. Sorry my comp froze....I have spent alot of money during the holidays and have been feeling down so I wanted to buy my self something and only had like a hundred o spend so I bought this Kate Spade bagkate spade bagnow im thinking I should have bought the Dolce - Dolce & Gabbana - Heart Mini Bag bad decission???
  4. i think that if you were feeling down about spending money, you probably shouldn't have bought either. i bet you'd regret either. i'd take the hundred bucks and start a Roth IRA. my boyfriend did it earlier, and i did it tonight and i've made a plan of how much i want to put into it each pay period, and i feel fabulous about my financial situation even though i haven't gained any money.

    sometimes bag addicts have to just say no. there's no reason your bags, something you enjoy, should be making you depressed.
  5. you made the RIGHT decision in my opinon!! 100% the d&g is too wild it would be cute for a teenager...
  6. EXACTLY. Opening a Roth IRA is a great way to go. I save during the year and on January 1 of the new year, I put the max into my Roth so that it can earn interest all year long. This year you can put in $4k max. Starting with baby steps is a great way to go. And I do an automatic withdrawal once a month that puts money into some mutual funds.

    I feel better that I'm holing away money but still splurge occassionally on purses. Maybe you should return the Kate and put some money away in a Roth--it might make you feel good to get those statements and see how it grows as time goes by.
  7. Ohohoh, how do you start a Roth IRA? I know that's a silly question, but I'm seriously financially dumb. Is there a website or do you do it through a bank? I'm a student, so I don't have a compnay that I can start a retirement account through.
  8. I think you are ok...those D&Gs look too juicy couture anyway...
  9. i'm a student as well, and this is how my boyfriend advised me to do it (he has a business degree):

    go to click on the 'retirment and advice' tab at the top. click on the 'no annual fee, no account minimum IRAs.' pick 'Roth IRA.' click 'APPLY NOW' on the top right. put in all your info and follow the instructions. it asks you later about some settings you want, and my boyfriend told me the default ones are fine. you set up your bank account to put a specified amount in already (i did $20) but you don't have to if you don't want to since there's no minimum. then, when you're done signing up, go back in to the etrade site and log in and try to add like a dollar to your IRA. it'll tell you that it can't because it needs to verify your bank account and go ahead and verify it.

    when you accumulate some money and if you feel like doing the research, you can use your roth money to invest in the stock market, or you can just leave it be. you can take out any of the money you contribute until you're 60, and after you turn 60 or if you need to buy a house, pay for school, or pay medical bills, you can take out the money you've earned as well.

    it's a great system because you're not penalized for having access to the money that you put in, as you are with a lot of traditional retirement accounts. you have free access to all of your contributions.

    hope that helps!
  10. Vanguard is also a great way to go for Roth IRAs and mutual funds, etc. They've got a great reputation and their funds usually do well and are stable--good things in long-term savings. Their website is relatively self-explanatory and the customer service people that I've talked to on the phone have been very helpful.

    Their website is
  11. Thank you Amanda and wickedassin.
  12. I like the Kate better!!
  13. Kate!
  14. Out of the two bags, you picked the nicest one. So... if you do still want to keep a bag, I don't think you made any mistakes. Saving money is always good, however (as everybody has pointed out, above)!