Regret selling your B bag?

  1. I bought a bleu roi besace messenger that had the PERFECT leather - it was thick and distressed at the same time. none of my other bbags had leather like it. My black leather is too thin, my ink blue is too plasticky, and my olive green is too soft.

    I sold the bleu roi on eBay and now I think about that bleu roi messenger everyday...:push:
  2. I know how you feel. I sold a brand new caramel '06 Box and now I really want a Box but can't find one I really want.:crybaby:
  3. I always regret it for a week or so. The only one that I really regret is a spur of the moment decision to list my white with silver hardware. :crybaby: It had the best leather of any bbag I've ever felt. So smooshy and it felt like silk, but she has new PF Mom. :yes:
  4. Nope~ no regrets~ takes me a long time to make a final decision about parting with them but when they're gone they go to other loving homes!!!! I do contemplate forever though before I part to be sure I don't get sellers remorse!
  5. ^^ yep, i've had regrets, but they pass :tender:
  6. actually, no... :p
    because whenever i decided to sell my b bags is when i really need the fund to buy another bag i'm craving... so, no regrets :yes:
  7. fear of regrets .. that's why my Emerald, Sapin and Blue India are still pristine in box but I have not decided why to do!
  8. yeah I only have regrets for my 05 black city because it was my first b bag
  9. i had a lovely satin balenciaga evening bag. I sold it for a fraction of what i paid for it- so foolish!

  10. is it a satin clutch??? i had one in black satin and loving it too much!
  11. Agreeing with a previous answer, I only sold my Ink Box to fund my new Black City!
  12. Oh my gosh yes! :sad: I sold my black day like a year ago and I really really regret it! For a stupid moment I thought it was too big and sold it!!! Idiot!!! :sad:
  13. no, it was the other style (i think the clutch was from the same year). I saw it in the Barney's catalog and had to have it. i only used it once and then decided, i had no use for something quite so fabulous. sniff. even though I probably still wouldn't have gotten much use out of it, i should have kept it- it's just so darned cute. I think i sold it for under $300 (and it retailed for about 850 or so. i'm such an idiot!).

  14. ITA!!

    although I DO sort of regret BUYING my white City :push:
  15. OH YES!!!! I sold a bubblegum City, going crazy now to find one :sad: