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  1. I was cleaning out my closet and found a few bags I never use anymore. Two Dooneys and two Coachs. I've been thinking of listing them on eBay, but I hate getting rid of my things. I have a hard time throwing stuff out/getting rid of things. So, for all you ladies who do eBay, do you regret it if you no longer like/use the bag?
  2. I never have sellers remorse. Im the opposite, I get buyers remorse sometimes.
  3. nope, i've sold lots of my bags that i get bored of on eBay, and so far haven't regretted any since. probably because i replace them with new ones. it's like getting rid of bfs and finding a new crush. lol.
  4. I regret selling my LV bucket a couple of years ago.
  5. You're so cute! ahhh, yes, new crushes.....

    I am married but I go through crushes (usually celebrities all the time) it makes my husband laugh. I have nick names for them and everything!

    As for the bags sold on Ebay, nope, no regrets. Cash is always more useful than a bag you don't ever use.
  6. Thanks for your opinions. I think the only thing stopping me is they're about 2 years old. Also, I doubt I'd get anything decent for them.
  7. ebay, no regrets yet. more dough for new baggies!
  8. I sold an MJ anouk to a person on another purse board, and have no regrets. I wasn't using the bag, and she loved it, and now it has a happy home, and it was such a pretty bag, it deserved to be used!
  9. Well, if I dont like the brand anymore I do regret it (like coach)... I try to sell them.

    I dont know what I would do with the ones that I didnt sell.... Maybe try to sell them later or give them away.
  10. No sellers remorse but I do get buyers remorse
  11. You'd be suprised! I sold my aunt's old black leather coach for $90 on ebay, tarnished hardware and all! Granted, she originally paid almost $300, but money is always better than things you don't use. If the dooney's you have are from the mono line, you should get pretty close to what you paid.
  12. ^^^That's not bad. I might try to sell them in a week or so when I have more time.
  13. If it's been more than a year since you last used them then sell 'em!
  14. it depends on if you get a good price. Good deal, no can use the money for new bags:smile: I only regret stuff that I just give away then realize that I might actually have used.
  15. I really regrett selling my Cornflower B-Bag City. If I find a B-bag "purse" then maybe I will not be as sad about it.
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